Friday, January 25, 2008


Snow and our sunroom construction

Snow pics 01
We occasionally do get snow here in coastal Washington State in the lowlands, but not very often. This photo was taken in the early afternoon on last New Year's Eve from near our house, looking east toward Cultus Mountain, which is high enough that it does often get snow during the winter. You can see there is still snow even on the tree branches. The photo was taken with a 300mm lens and I did have to remove some power lines from the lower part of the image in Photoshop Elements. I am posting this as the weather forecast says we may get a bit of snow overnight tonight that should change to just rain by tomorrow afternoon. Fun.

Our sunroom contractor did come back this week but didn't make it here until Tuesday. He worked half a day then and got the plywood onto the bottom of the deck framing, then came back all day Wednesday to get the insulation in, the subfloor decking with a vapor barrier on it and the knee wall built. We paid him a deposit on the work at that point and he is due back today. But it is now 15:15 in the afternoon and there is no sign of him yet. I don't think he will be here today. He needs help for the next part which is putting up the metal support structure of the upper part, so maybe he wasn't able to find anyone to help. But I think he should have called me. He was planning to work on it tomorrow and all of next week. We will see what happens tomorrow.

Sunroom construction 04
This photo shows the deck with the knee wall. The open part on the far side is where the sliding glass door will go. The window wall at the left side of the photo will be a vertical one with 48 inches of bronzed acrylic plastic between the aluminum studs, from the top of the knee wall to where the roof starts to slope up to the house. The roof will slope up from that height of 6 feet to where it reaches the house at a height from the floor of 8 feet. The roof is to be glazed with insulated polycarbonate plastic. There is a 6ft. wide sliding glass door which goes in the big gap in the knee wall, half of which will open and 3 - 2ft by 2ft awning type windows, plus a regular door located where the window into the house is now that will go into the house.

Sunroom construction 05
This shows the special electrical box we installed in the knee wall to provide an outside electrical outlet. It is one designed to work with vinyl siding which is what the house is sheathed with and will also be used on the knee wall. We will have two 20 amp circuits in the room and have a small electric "fireplace" heater to use out there. I don't know if it will be enough- probably not on these real cold nights but we will find out.

The warantee work did get done on the motorhome Wednesday but they didn't want to install the inverter where we wanted it. I have talked with our local Camping World store and they can do it before we leave so still have that to do next week. We are thinking about our travel schedule for the Snowbird trip and I am sure looking forward to being on the road again with the RV.

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I adore how you use military time.

Having remodeled a house, you have my sympathy when it comes to contractor reliability.
Hi Dick, just popped in to see how the Sun room going. Contractors some are so unreliable. as we said to ours some time ago now.. you could at least ring you say Tuesday we say Tueday what week or date, oh there so annoying...
What a mess with your sunroom! I think it's safe to say they won't be getting any recommendations from you! By the time they get it built it'll be warm enough to sit outside.

I'm jealous that you've already had snow and we haven't even gotten a dusting. It's been cold enough but no snow.

Hope your weekend is good, and maybe your contractor guy will be there to work Saturday.

Love and hugs,

You are a patient man it seems!! Does that man have no cell phone? Go figure...some people do try the patience of a saint!! Hope you will have it done soon!!
It is now Sunday morning and no sign nor phone calls from The Contractor. I don't expect him today but we will see what happens tomorrow. I know he did need to have help to do the next part and maybe he is hinting for me to help him, but I have too much to do already to get ready to leave in just a week on our Snowbird trip. I am getting the feeling this project will not be finished until after we get back at the end of February!
Contractors are rude like that!
That is going to be a great room once it's finished.
Enjoy the snow!! hehehehe
I love the snow pic. It's so pretty. Looks like the sunroom is coming right along. Are you going to be able to access this room through the house by putting in a door?
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