Thursday, January 31, 2008


Sunroom, snow and The Contractor

This will be a short post and without photos but the only thing that visited our under construction sunroom from last Wednesday to today was the snow Monday morning. Yes, our sunroom had about an inch and a half of snow in it! The Contractor finally returned this afternoon and worked about half a day and brought his 17 year old son along to help. I don't know how many days they will be working on it but expect perhaps through Saturday. Then he will probably go away and I don't know for how long before he returns again (maybe.)

We came to a decision over this week that we are not going to drive the motorhome to Arizona next week. The weather is crappy and we really don't want to risk getting stuck, plus our time available was so short that any delays would really cause problems in getting to where we wanted to be. There is also the 450 gallons of gas that it would take to drive to Tucson and back- about 3600 miles at 8 miles per gallon. Maybe next year.

But, we are going to go to Eastern Washington with it about the end of April and will celebrate our first wedding anniversary in the town we went to for our first short Honeymoon, Leavenworth WA. That is if the roads are finally clear of snow and ice by then.

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I think I'd be consulting my lawyer again, Dick. This is getting ridiculous!

I understand about the gas and the weather. Gas is right at $3 a gallon here and the weather is just freaky right now. From 70º to the teens in less than 3 hours! We had sleet, snow and freezing rain today and it's supposed to be nearly 60º again by Sunday. Now that just ain't right! ;o)

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, Dick.

Love and hugs,

Hi Dick, I agree with Dianne a visit or a call to your solicitor might hurry things up.. Were paying $1.40 a litre = about 4 litre's to the Gallon.. Dont go out in the bad weather stay in front of a warm fire..Jen
That's a shame about the sunroom problems, I hope you can get this all sorted out asap Dick.

I don't blame you for re-thinking your trip, and it will be nice to head to Leavenworth in April!
I agree with are wise to stay home in such weather and with gas out the window in cost!! Sure hope the sunroom problems are soon cleared up...isn't it sad we live in such a society anymore? I guess we all have our troubles. I was hit by a loaded semi truck about a week and a half ago. I am a miracle and glad to be alive!! However, it appears that the trucker's insurance is not going to be nice. Even though I have been SUPER nice. They want to give us so little for our car, I almost feel like telling them they must need it more than we do and to keep it. NOT!!! ARGH!!
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