Saturday, January 05, 2008


This and That

I have been having fun playing with the new Photoshop Elements version 6 program and have worked a bit on one of the other photos that I took of Pat's Christmas basket of Hawaiian Protea flowers. These things are sure dramatic looking. The bouquet is now over two weeks old and the colors are definitely fading but it still looks good. I think she is starting the drying process now and it will be fun to see how they end up when that process is finished. Anyway, here is another photo of the basket that was taken when they were just a few days old:
Protea basket 2-01
As always you can click on the photo and be taken to my site on Flickr. Most of the photos that I've posted on that site since starting my blog at the end of December, 2005 have also been posted on the blog but there are some earlier ones and a few extras that have not been used here.

I got a surprise a few weeks ago when I got an email from the Flickr site from a publishing group that does city guides asking if they could use one of my photos in an upcoming guide for the city of Sacramento, California. It was a photo of the sign on the side of the California State Railroad Museum and they wanted it in that section of their Sac guide. I wrote back that it would be okay and just got confirmation that they will be using it. They are Schmap Guides and this link should take you to their Sac guide. There is no pay for the use of this photo but it is kind of fun to be asked if I'd let them use it. It was taken with the little Sony camera while I was there with my cousins who live in Sac in April, 2006, while I was on my trip to pickup the Miata I had bought on eBay. Here is that photo:
Get Miata trip 6

I subscribe to a weekly RV newsletter (it is free,) Chuck Woodbury's that today had a pretty cute joke that I will post here. Click on the link to see his site and if interested sign up for the newsletter. He also has a large selection of RV related books available for sale:

RV Joke
Joe and Jenny drove for miles in silence in their new motorhome after a terrible argument in which neither would budge. After many miles had passed, a frustrated Joe pointed to a mule in a nearby pasture. "A relative of yours?" he asked Jenny. "Yes," she replied. "By marriage."
Sometimes we guys are better off just keeping our mouths shut!

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Beautiful shot of the flowers and HUGE congrats on the reprint request!!
Heh, heh. I'll be repeating that joke.

How fun about the picture!
Love the joke Dick, and congrats on your photo!
What's funny is that on a recent car trip Justin and I stopped on a farmland backroad to stare at the hugest hog I have ever seen. It was in a pasture grazing. We didn't dare get too close. They get that big and they get burly!
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