Saturday, February 09, 2008


It is almost ready to use

The Contractor spent two and a half days this past week working on our sunroom and is due back today to get most things finished up. It is now fully enclosed with all of the glazing materials in place. There are a few places on the outside that need to be finished including putting 2/3rd of the vinyl siding on the wing walls below the sunroom part of the structure. He said the sealant they sent is the wrong color, a little too yellow to look good on the white of the aluminum so should be bringing that today too. He also found that when the three awning type windows were packed at the factory they forgot to include the cranks that allow the user to open & close them- kind of an important thing for us to have that the company we have had so many problems with, Royal Solariums, Inc. out of Everett, Washington that we bought it from, will have to get for us. Maybe- I don't have any faith left in them.

Sunroom construction 09
This photo shows the "front" of the structure, if you define the front as where the door to enter it from the outside patio is located. The vinyl siding is in place here but it needs to be washed. There is a fairly large area at the top where the room joins the house (see the wood in the photo) that needs to be covered and The Contractor said he would bring aluminum to cover that and about the same place on the other side. I want to also build a small step to place outside the entrance door as the rise of that step into the building is higher than is comfortable. I'll build that myself. This is the north side so it will rarely get any sunshine directly on it but it does give us a way to get to the patio and back yard without having to go through the garage or walk completely along the side of the house, and that will be handy and appreciated.

Sunroom construction 10
This view shows the north and west sides of the sunroom and how it joins the original house as well as how it sits on the concrete patio. It covers a little less than half of the width of the patio so that space will also be usable and easy to access from the sunroom through the large (and heavy!) sliding glass door. The type of windows we had installed allow them to be open for ventilation and still keep rain from coming inside and since we do get rain here in the northwest I think that will be handy. If Royal Solariums ever gets the missing cranks to us. We look in the photos to be pretty close to our neighbors back yard and we actually are but a cedar fence is part of the planned landscaping to do in our yard this spring and summer and that will make more of a visual divider between the yards than the split rail fence that is there now.

Sunroom construction 11
Here is the inside of the sunroom taken from about where a person would stand coming out the door from our bedroom into it. You can see a bit of moisture that is still on the floor from where rain water leaked under the plastic The Contractor put on the deck to protect it until it was covered. He thinks the rain came through the nail holes in the plastic where the wing walls were fastened onto the deck. The good news is that it doesn't look like there was enough to soak the insulation that is inside the deck. The wiring in those wing walls needs to be finished today, then he has to put the rest of the insulation in them as well as the little brow roof he built that the sunroom attaches to and finish the inner sides of them. Then there is trim to put in and the big job for today, putting the door that goes into the bedroom in. The other two wing walls need vinyl siding to be put in place on the outside and some trim out there as well as the missing caulking. There is really quite a long list of "little" things to get done.

I know he wanted to be able to finish it today. He planned to be back yesterday afternoon, stay overnight in a hotel and then get it done today. He didn't show up yesterday. He doesn't work on Sundays so it really wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't show up today but I sure hope he comes Monday to get us finished up. This project that was supposed to be finished by last Halloween has been dragging on way too long. We at times felt sorry for The Contractor out there working in the cold and rain, but if it had been built when it was supposed to have been he would have been working in much nicer weather. And then we would have been able to use it over the months since Halloween. Wish us luck!

Edited: Saturday, 11:00 A.M. He is here! The Contractor showed up just a few minutes after I posted this post originally. He doesn't have the door that goes from the house into the sunroom but will be back with it on Tuesday, plan to stay overnight that night and get it installed and the other things finished up then. Today he should be able to get a lot of those little things wrapped up. Maybe this project is finally going to get finished. Except for those d#%& handles for the windows and who knows how long it may take Royal Solariums to come through with them!

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What's done looks good. Good luck getting the rest of it finished today.

Have a good weekend if you can, Dick.

Love and hugs,

Wow it's looking great Dick! Your view from inside is really nice. I hope you get your window cranks asap! know what would really be neat? Windows where you can see out but others can't see in due to the closeness of the neighbors but it does look like they're tinted which is still super cool. Do you have woods behind you? Trees are my thing...gotta see trees. Looking great, Dick...can't wait to see how you furnish the inside. Hey, btw, better click on my name to lead you to my blog and see where I've blogged you before I make another post. I'll give it until tomorrow when I'm going to be posting some pictures of the place we're moving to but if that happens before you get over there, just scroll down. Looking forward to your trip to Arizona more than you are!
Hi Dick, Wow its looking good It wont be long and you will be able to deck it out... Good Luck getting the window Cranks,, "Dont pay" in full till complete with window cranks other wise you will be waiting for ever and a day for them..
that looks like a great addition to the livability in your home. The cats should especially love that indoor/outdoor feeling space. We would like to put a kind of Arizona room (which is only screens instead of any glass) into the Tucson house and this is encouraging about doing it. We have a roof there already and walls on two sides but it's finding the right person who can make it look good. If I am there with three cats, it would be essential as I don't want to let the NW cats out down there. They simply would not understand the dangers and the one from the SW can't go if they can't go. An Arizona room would solve a lot of that problem, just hard to select the right thing; so your project has been interesting to follow along.
I want one of these. I love windows. That's where my husband and I differ. He likes sitting in darker rooms and I like rooms full of natural light.
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