Sunday, February 24, 2008


More Maui photos

I finally had the chance to go back to our photos from our trip to Maui last October and work on the rest of them. I'll split them into two posts and put up the other one in a couple of days. Here we go:

Maui 109
On our last full day on Maui we visited and toured the Maui Tropical Plantation. I told you earlier that there would be a lot of flower photos to come later and I've picked a few of those we took to include here. This photo was taken from the tram ride we took that toured the gardens of the plantation. I think the plants behind the sign are bananas but they might be pineapple. I am not a good plant person.

Maui 110
A scene from the gardens. Everywhere you look here was beautiful.

Maui 111
I don't know the name of this one so I just call it a yellow and white flower. There is a look that tropical flowers have that just can't be duplicated here on the mainland with our native plants.

Maui 112
Here is another that I don't know the name of. It looks sort of like a Bird of Paradise but I don't think it is one of those. Let's just call it a red flower.

Maui 113
I am pretty sure this one is a Hibiscus and as I recall it was listed as being a version of the largest of those in the world. It is big.

Maui 114
Another general scene in the gardens. Those are the West Maui Mountains in the background and they were enclosed in mist, like they often are. This is the "Old" mountain range on Maui.

Maui 115
These are coffee beans! You know that I'd know coffee beans. The Maui Tropical Plantation grows and roasts their own coffee and we brought a bag of it home. It is good and very flavorful.

Maui 116
Another general scene taken from the tram and this one shows the mountains more clearly. There were not a lot of ponds on this part of the Island but this one was pretty good sized and had the nice fountain.

Maui 117
After our tour we took a break and enjoyed a tropical smoothie. While there I took Pat's photo and she took mine as I was taking hers. We brought those plastic glasses home with us on the plane.

Maui 118
Here is my photo of Pat, taken at the same time as the last one posted of me.

Maui 119
This one is a Bird of Paradise. I don't know if they come in different colors or not- I think most of them I saw were this color. But maybe that is only the ones that I recognized as a Bird of Paradise- they may come in all different colors. Anyway, they are kind of unique and pretty.

Maui 120
This is my last photo from the Maui Tropical Plantation. It is just a general scene but it does show the tall windmill that seemed to be a working one.

When you next go to Maui I would recommend this place as one to put on your list of places and things to see over there. The food plants are pretty well identified and I am sure most of the employees there could have identified those flowers that I don't know, if I had asked them and written it down. But, even if I don't know what they are, they are still nice to look at. I will have one more post of photos from Maui and have already done the work on them so they are ready to post here. If you want to get a sneak preview, click on one of these photos and go to my Flickr site where they have been uploaded so they are ready to post here. I have also made a set of Hawaii photos there and will soon get them all in the right order.

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Love that red flower, the general scene and the pics of you and Pat. Such a pretty place, I miss it!

And I just saw your previous post and LOVE wide angle lenses Dick, they're great!
You always take wonderul pics , you could be professional .
I like your candid ones as well ,you and Pat at the same time , very sweet , and lots of memories I bet . Looks like it is awesome place to be , thanks for sharing , I still love the tag alongs Mr Mocha (Knew youd recognize coffee beans LOL)

Rub the kitties please
Have a great week

I love the pictures!! I can smell the flowers over here!!
Sorry we couldn't meet for a mocha yesterday. Maybe next time.
I'm getting spoiled by this weather.
Hi Dick, Love all you photo's. love the ones you took of each other,, Now your first plant behind the sign is a bananna, and the Yellow one we call it a Shrimp plant it also comes in pinky/red.

Great pics of thr house and sunroom..looking forward to seeing the sunroom fitted out..
what gorgeous flower photographs. I like the fun one of you and Pat too. My husband and i have done that too for fun. I will be looking forward to seeing the sunroom with the furniture in it
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