Saturday, February 16, 2008


The sunroom contractor is finished! Finally!!!!!

This sunroom construction project sometimes has felt like it would never be finished, but yesterday The Contractor and his helper finished their part and left our house about 15:00. We have some things to finish including the electrical and the final floor covering in the room, plus some painting and oiling of some of the wood parts. This room was ordered August 25, 2007 and was supposed to be finished by Halloween. It is three and a half months late but I do like it and think we will get a lot of use from it. I do of course have a few more photos to post of the project:

Sunroom construction 113
I took this photo while they were working on the room on Valentine's Day. It shows the new door that is to be installed in the wall behind where it is sitting in this photo, where the large window is in the photo. You can see some of the wood planking that is going over the old wall of the house and the same material is on the ceiling of the little brow roof above in the photo. You can also see the screen for the sliding glass door that goes out onto the concrete patio from the sunroom.

Sunroom construction 12
The rest of the photos were taken today. What this one shows is pretty much completed. There is a usable amount of space left on the outside patio that we can enjoy it when the weather is good enough to be outside. It will also give us a nice direct way to get from inside the house to the back yard, through the master bedroom and the door into the sunroom. Before in order to get back here we had to either go through the garage and walk along the north side of the house or out the front door and walk all along the south side. I think the BBQ may get used more often now.

Sunroom construction 13
A view looking at the south west corner of the sunroom from the common area behind our neighbors lot. This is a bit of a telephoto shot- it really isn't quite that close to the camera position. They did a pretty good job of picking out new vinyl siding that matched the siding on the house.

Sunroom construction 14
The camera is looking toward the original house wall and the new door into the master bedroom, after it was installed. This shows pretty well the tone of the wood on the walls after it was stained and you can see that we decided to paint the ceiling part of the little brow roof at the top of the sunroom wall in white. It seems to look better and matches the overall look of the sunroom ceiling than if it had been stained like the walls. There will be a wall light and an electrical outlet on this wall but they still need to be cut into the wall. And we haven't decided what we want there for a light.

Sunroom construction 15
I left this photo in the larger size as I think it will work okay without messing up my blog template and it shows detail better. The roof of the sunroom is a poly carbonate plastic that is divided into four compartments so it is very well insulated. The vertical walls are 1/4" acrylic plastic and not so well insulated but we may add a plastic membrane during the winter. The support structure is aluminum. The knee walls have R19 fiberglas insulation and the floor deck is also insulated with R19 fiberglas. The 3 opening windows and the sliding glass door are all tinted double pane glass. The unit is pretty well insulated.

Sunroom construction 16
Here is Peewee coming out the new door into the sunroom. She likes it!

Sunroom construction 17
In this photo she looks like she is saying, "Alright, where is my food?"

We actually had some broken sunshine today with outside temperatures that got up to the mid to upper 40s. With the sunroom door closed the inside temp got up to 70. It was very comfortable to be out there working on it and tomorrow is supposed to have even more sunshine and be a bit warmer, too. Peewee likes the room and I think we will too. Now we have to get those window cranks before it really gets warm out there so we can open them for ventilation.

I probably won't be putting more photos of this project up here until we have it all finished. I am setting up a set of photos on my Flickr site and putting them in order so if anyone wants to follow the project through, click on one of the photos here and go there. There will be photos there that I have not posted here.

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Hallelujah! It looks good so far, Dick. I think y'all will really like it. Just a thought for the light fixture in there: you might want to install a lighted ceiling fan to help move air around in there, whether it's cold or hot.

Hope your weekend is a good one! ;o)

Love and hugs,

Gday Dick,Iwas thinking the same way as Dianne Asoft light cieling fan or maybe a couple of matching coach lamps on wall,and maybe a free standing floor lamp for reading that you can move to suit the view,,, have a great time decorating the sunroom out... Jen
I don't think we could put a ceiling fan in as the ceiling is too low and it would be a real problem if not impossible to secure it. Those things need to be well secured and the rafters in this room are aluminum with really no place to secure something like that, plus no place to run power wires to the fan. The height at the low end is only about 6' 2" and less than 8' at the high side.

I kind of like the idea of coach lamps on the wall that would be controlled by the wall switch and floor or table lamps where needed. We could also use swag lamps that hang from a chain with the power cord following the chain to the lamp. There are lots of possibilities.

We have a fairly small round oak table that has two sides that fold down and captain's chairs that go with it I think we will use out there. We also have a 19" LCD HD TV with a built-in DVD player to use there but will need to have the cable TV company out to run the cable out there. And we have a small electric fireplace heater for the room. I think it will go in the corner that is shown in the big vertical picture here, but we need to get the electrical hookups finished before we can run it out there. I think we will have fun equipping this room!
Ah dreamy sigh - a sunroom.
Hi Dick ... wow, the sunroom looks fabulous ... I bet you get a lot of use of it. I imagine the cats will all find it the best room in the house, and will take over all the sunny spots.
HOpe you and Pat are well, and enjoying life to it's fullest.
Sorry I haven't been by much lately.
Take care, Meow
Looks fabulous Dick!
That looks great and will be fun to see how you decorate it. I can believe the cats would love it as they will have great visibility from there. Neat addition. We built some panels for our little solarium which is not nearly that big or fancy but we can just tack them in place and they do help when it's keeping out too much heat or cold
love it , I can picture you sitting there blogging with your feet up and the sun shinning in on you warming your bones , ahhhhhh , what a nice addition. enjoy enjoy enjoy ,,,,,and the kitty is so cute , give em all a cuddle for me , Take care Mr Mocha ,LOL

Wow, looking mighty fine!! Hope you will get lots of enjoyment out of it!!
Hello Dick,

The pictures look great and great detailing too. What do you think what aspects one should keep in mind while hiring a Sunrooms contractor in Baltimore ?
Thanks! for sharing.
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