Friday, March 07, 2008


It is a cranky day today here

Last Sunday evening I found the URL for the Canadian company that actually built the sunroom kit that we ordered from Royal Solariums of Everett, WA. I sent them an email note saying that the cranks for the three opening windows in our sunroom were missing when the kit was delivered. I also told them the contractor who assembled the kit told Royal Solariums that they were missing and I have called R.S. at least twice talking with two different people there. Both told me they would contact the Canadian company and let me know when we would get our cranks.

Monday morning, the first business day after I sent the email note to the Canadian company, Bob from that business called and talked with Pat. She again told him of all the problems we had with Royal Solariums of Everett, WA and that the window cranks were indeed missing. Bob said he would take care of it. So far this sounds a lot like what we have heard before from R.S. (maybe I should change that and call them B.S.) BUT Bob did initiate the call- he DID call us back. Bob also told Pat they had not heard of this problem from B.S.- err, Royal Solariums.

That was four days ago and with an International border for them to cross. The missing cranks arrived today in our mail delivery! That is a company that follows through on their promises and actually delivers what they promise and on time! They are Sunview Solariums, Ltd. of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I had said I'd wait until the room is finished before posting any more photos of it but I have to show you the windows, before and after cranks:

Sunroom construction 18
This view shows the full window, without the crank. The size of the windows is about two feet square and they are an awning type that is supposed to crank out from a hinge at the top. A big advantage of this type window is protection inside if rain starts to fall.

Sunroom construction 19
A closeup view of the mechanism that opens the window, before the crank or its plastic cover is put on. I probably could have made them work with a pair of pliers but was afraid that I might strip or mar the gear the crank goes on so I didn't even try.

Sunroom construction 20
The crank is really a two piece kit and includes a plastic cover that goes on first and covers most of the mechanical part that is encased in the metal cover shown before. In this photo both the plastic cover and the crank itself has been put onto the window previously shown "nude."

Sunroom construction 21
In this view the crank has been extended to its operating position and the window opened a bit over half way. You can see how it pivots out from the hinge in the top. These windows really seem to be well made and should last a long time.

So, you see the title of this post is not at all a reflection on how I am feeling today, as that is quite the opposite of being cranky. I wish they would have been here during the time I was painting and oiling the wood out there for better ventilation but it was going to be critical to have them before really warm weather comes later this spring. Yahoo!

About the only thing still hanging is getting the carpet installed. I went by Home Depot today and paid it in full but found they do not have the carpet in stock so will have to wait for it to come from Georgia, about 7 - 10 days they say. I told them I sure didn't want any long delays with the installers getting the job finished as we had enough of that kind of crap waiting for the unit to be built. They assured me the installers will not be paid until they have finished the job and we sign off on it. So, it sounds now like it will still be a couple of weeks before we can hope to be finished. At least we can use it now although I don't want to put much out there only to have to carry it back inside when the install date does get here. But the cats all like it.

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Well, at least the parent company makes good on its promises. You're making progress, although the delay with the carpeting has to be frustrating. Hopefully by the end of March you'll finally be able to move everything into the sunroom. It's looking good, and I can't wait to see the finished room with the carpeting installed.

Have a good weekend, Dick. ;o)

Love and hugs,

Gday Dick.
Well at least you got hold of the company that holds its promise to deliver.. Hope the carpet arrives ealier than expected for you so you can go ahead and fit it all out...Have a good weekend...
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