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Spring snow!

We usually don't have much snow at all over a winter here in north west Washington State, but the last few days have been very unusual. Yesterday we started out from home about 11am to drive south to my grand daughter's 11th birthday party. It was raining when we left home but as we started up the hill on the freeway south of town we started into mixed snow & rain. A few miles farther, about at the Skagit/Snohomish County line for those familiar with the area, the snow really started sticking on the road as well as alongside the road. A mile or so farther we spotted the first car that had slid off the road. As we approached the Camano Island exit there was close to 4 inches of snow and it was coming down hard. The speed of the traffic was down to about 30mph and it looked like it was getting worse, so we got off the freeway there and turned back. Later we learned that there had been something like 6" of snowfall down at Smokey Point & Marysville that was about 12 miles ahead. I talked with K, my grand daughter, in the evening and we will go take her to lunch the week after next when she is on spring vacation from school.

Back home it was still just raining which actually quit later in the day although it never did warm up very much. When we got up this morning, this is what we had outside our windows:
March snow 01
This is our front yard with the new Thundering Plum tree and the forsythia, both in full bloom, although both with snow on them. You can see the snowflakes falling in the photo. The roads were just slushy but not any problem to drive, although I'll bet that farther south as you get into the so called convergent zone there was a lot more snow (like yesterday.)

March snow 02
This is a telephoto view of the condos on the hill just east of us. This is very unusual weather, especially for "spring."

March snow 03
A photo from the sunroom showing the little fireplace at work, trying to make it warm for the cats. The "flames" are visible here and the heat comes from the bottom of the fireplace. They love it out here but are not fond of cold weather, so we are spending electricity to heat the room. Also notice the hummingbird in the upper part of the window. More about these next.

March snow 04
A closer view of one of the other windows, with a hummingbird in it. Notice all the ice and snow on the pampas grass plant outside the window, and you can still see the snowflakes falling.

March snow 05
A closeup view of the hummingbird in the previous photo. Yes, it did stay there and wait for me to take a closer photo. That is because they are not real birds. Pat found some in a catalog that are split in half. Each half has a magnet attached so that you can put one on each side of a single pane window and they look pretty real. They say they won't work on a double pane insulated window and we haven't tried them on any of those but they work fine on the sunroom windows.

March snow 06
This is a different bird that is on one of the south facing windows. You can see the melted snow drops here as the weather system is coming out of the southwest, but you can also see how the birds are split in half. I used the flash unit to light the bird but it didn't penetrate the tinted window so the outside part is just in silhouette against the brighter sky. These things are fun and if anyone is interested in them I can post where Pat found them.

Our weather is supposed to change for the better after today. I am really getting tired of having winter in springtime. The temperature yesterday never got out of the 30s. This afternoon is supposed to have sunshine but the weather forecasts we get usually come from Seattle, 80 miles south, and it can be different up here in the frigid north. But, we are ready for better weather. Soon, please.

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I KNOW! i can't believe it snowed here, it's almost April fer cryin' out loud.

But it is pretty!
Gday Dick,
Love all your photo's.and all that snow BRRRRRRRRRRR, the view from your home looks picture post card perfect..
we had a very long summer and now
Our weather has suddenly changed from swimming at easter 33c=90f to heaters on today forecast 23c=73f.. brrrr winters on its way we get down to minus2c=30f, im about 1 hour 1/2from the snow fields. so we get the icy winds.. Brrrrr.

BTW. My grandaughter was 11 on the 24th.march
Nice pictures! We had a strange snow event a couple of days ago. It was about 40 degrees out, with some flurries. Then all the sudden the kids called me outside. The whole yard was covered in snow! It was falling in flakes the size of cornflakes. I took a couple of pictures, which is good because fifteen minutes later, it had ALL disappeared!
We're having some freaky weather too, even for Arkansas. Today it never made it to the forecast high of 70F, in fact it never made it out of the 50's, plus we had more flooding rains, with more forecast for next week, along with storms. Whee!

I love to watch it snow, so sitting in your warm sun room watch the snow fall sounds like a good time to me.

Here's to a good week, Dick. ;o)

Love and hugs,

Great photos Dick, and wow I can't believe you got snow!

I really love those hummingbirds, what a great idea.
I LOVE the fireplace in the not so sunny room. :) And always your pictures are amazing.

I hope you enjoy your lunch with your granddaughter. I think you are such a neat/good person. I am so, so happy for you.
Great photos! I love the humming birds!! Here's some info for the palyhouse. Sundays at 2:30 are the only matinees.
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Wow Dick, what photography (mainly the hummingbirds!)! I love your blog because of the pictures and of course I love hearing about your life and all that but those pictures are the bomb. Love that fireplace. I thought about getting a free standing fireplace in the last place we lived but there wasn't enough room in the living room, but this place I could fit one in..must make a mental note of that this upcoming winter. How neat to get snow this late in the season...wait, it's spring, right?
been reading you for 2 years now, a lurker, if you will. those are some great pictures. i enjoy your photography and stories of your travels. we have quite a lot of snow here, (check out my pics on my blogpage if you like). we have had some warmer weather of late, and the banks are melting. there is a risk of flooding...a large risk actually. take care and keep writing!
Hi Dick, hope the snow has melted, and you are back to Spring weather !! Your photos, as usual, are just beautiful. Your sunroom looks so cozy with the heater burning ... nice to curl up in, I'd imagine !!
I love the birds on the window, and would love to know where Pat got them from !! Wonder if they take orders from Australia !?!?!
Take care, stay warm ... Meow xx
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I just love that room , it is going to be wonderful in the summer ,with the sunlight sparlling into the windows and warming so comfy , the little fireplace is so nice and "on" for the kitties , what a nice couple you are , taking care of your kitties like that ,many wouldnt ,I would too and it is noce to see :)

I love the little magnet Hummingbird window deco , I think they are awesome , never seen anything like them before , sweet! and so real looking too !

Hoping your well and having fun Mr Mocha , I wonder if your still reducing you coffee?? If I am not mistaken you were a while back :)

Have a great day you and Pat and Kitties too .

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