Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The sunroom is finished!

The carpet was installed today. The sunroom is now pretty much finished, except for things we want to add to it, like plants. There are now a few pieces of furniture out there and the little TV. I have a few photos to post including one that is rather odd but pretty amazing to me.

Sunroom construction 22
This is a pretty standard wide angle lens (12mm) view of the sunroom, taken from about the door that comes out of the house. I just bought and assembled that bookshelf that is ahead on the left, with the small 19" HD LCD TV on the top of it. I have to find one of my hole saws to cut an opening in the back of it so I can feed the power cord & connecting cables through that go from the VCR on the top shelf to the TV. A DVD player is built into the TV. Past it you can see our little electric fireplace/heater. It gives nice "flames" while operating that look pretty realistic. Further over to the right is a boombox for radio/CDs, etc. although we may put a different music source out here that has better speakers. Next is the oak table I kept from my old house just for this room and a couple of chairs. Notice my Starbucks mocha cup on the table. It was ready for the photo. Below the table, actually in the corner behind, is an electric heater with a thermostat. We will probably use that one overnight to maintain a minimum temperature in the room as the little fireplace has no thermostat, so heat is either off, on low or on high, all the time, but you can run just the "flames" without any heat. This view shows the new carpet pretty well. We wanted fairly natural colors and a nylon material as it could have a bit of moisture at times since there is an outside door into the room.

Sunroom construction 23
Here the camera has turned a bit to the right from the last view, showing a bit of the outside patio and some of the common area in the park behind our yard. The barbecue unit also shows at the right. We haven't used it much since moving it here from the other house but I hope now to use it more. It was awkward to get to the patio in the past so we really didn't go out there very much.

Sunroom construction 24
Here the camera is behind the table, looking back toward the door from the house. The light on the wall outside the door is controlled from a switch in the bedroom and actually does a pretty good job of lighting the place at night. I have placed an old "bankers light" on the table but am not sure if it will stay there in the long run. We will probably look for other things to do in the way of lighting, especially mood lighting.

Sunroom 360 degree view
Okay, here is the odd one I mentioned. I put the camera on a tripod and in about the middle of the room and took 12 photos around a full circle with the 12mm lens. I then had Photoshop Elements version 6 stitch those 12 photos into a panorama photo that does show the whole circle. You can see from the way perspective goes that I was not in the exact center of the room and it really gives it an odd look, but notice the Starbucks cup on the table on the left side of the photo, then look across it to the other side of the photo. That is the same table and Starbucks cup on the far right side. So, the photo actually shows a little over 360 degrees. Does it help to see how the room looks? Maybe not. It is a bit hard to decipher but I find it very interesting from a technical point of view and it does kind of show how the whole room is setup.

There will probably be some photos in the future from this room and perhaps some of activities out there. I hope and expect that we will use it quite a bit, especially during the 2/3 of each year that has better weather. Keeping it comfortably warm may turn out to be too expensive in the winter. We will see, but at least it is now FINISHED!

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Ilove it, Dick! But with all that glass and not much shade, you may find that it's pretty expensive to cool in the summer to a comfortable temp. if it's too hot to have the windows cranked open. I realize it doesn't usually get as hot there in Washington but still, the sun shining through all that glass is bound to get pretty warm.

On the other hand, I'll bet your plants and flowers grow like mad! It'll be like a jungle in there before too long. :o)

Congrats on a project pretty much completed, and it's only taken you since October!

Love and hugs,

How wonderful and what a relief you must feel in it finally being completed!! Looks like you have GOBS of room out there for doing a lot of whatever it is that you decide to do!!
It really does look great Dick, I like the choice of carpet too. It looks like a great spot to enjoy some outdoor time!
Hi Dick. Love all your Photo's. The sunrrom looks great and love your choice of carpet, I can see this room getting a lot of use. Just sitting relaxing, reading, Etc.
Your room looks great and very usable. I have followed your experiences with much interest since we have thought of adding such a room onto the Tucson house. Down there, they call them Arizona rooms. We have a covered patio and two walls; so it'd be less new addition but maybe more complicated. Anyway congratulations on it being finished and funny about Peewee :) I love cats
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