Sunday, April 20, 2008


And again. More than yesterday.

Okay this is really getting to be too much. We woke up this morning to snow just starting to fall about 6am. Pat heads off to meet one of her daughters for breakfast together about 8 nearly every Sunday and here she is driving off in the Bug about 07:45:
April snow 01
Can you believe this? It is 2/3 of the way through the month of April, about a full month into "official" Spring, and here is more snow! It didn't last too long but just the fact that it did come is very odd. I think I heard on the TV news earlier this week that if we got snowfall after the 17th it would set a new record for late snowfall in our area. It set a new record yesterday that only lasted until today when it was broken. I hope it stops here!

April snow 02
Mt. Vernon is well known as an agricultural area where most of the US (if not the world's) tulip bulbs are grown. We have an annual Tulip Festival that runs through the month of April. Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate with mans plans and with the cold weather we have had the tulips are very late blooming this year. You can see in this photo that most of ours that are not right up near the house for warmth have not yet opened. Smart little buggers- if they had opened they would be getting real cold today.

April snow 03
Even our purple yard bird seems to be trying to hide from this stuff! I thought that since this is a vertical format I could try going with a larger size and the little bird would show up better.

April snow 04
Here are some tulips that are closer to the house and you see what I mean about being covered in s*#t, err, I mean snow. The hellebores doesn't seem to mind the stuff but I don't think the tulips do well covered in snow. You can see the feet of another yard bird that seems to be trying to jump into flight and head back down south, where all smart birds should be now.

As I write this it is 10:15 and much of that snow has left. It really won't stick around but it is damned cold for this time of the year in order for it to be here in the first place. The weather forecast calls for more normal temps by the end of the week and I am sure more than ready for that! Fingers crossed.....

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It has definitely been a strange spring for weather! We just got 4 solid days worth of snow (must be a foot or more) where it didn't stop snowing (and blowing!) day and night for 4 days. The sun finally came out this afternoon and we should be out of the "winter" stuff by next week.
LOL, bless your heart. It was in the lower 80s today, lol. I love snow, though...we never get any anymore. Just flurries...I don't think we got a major snowfall all winter. Wonderful pictures, Dick...snow and all!
You can keep the snow and cold weather. We are having mild temps here that I am enjoying. We were in the mountains this past weekend and it was gorgeous.

I love the tulips. They are my favorite flower.

How's the sunroom coming?
Great Photo's Dick,
I just love the tulips, they look like surviving the snow, OHH were has the year gone, im sure Xmas was only yesterday LOL.Our warmer weather is ending and quickly slipping into winter today we 20c=about70f nights getting down to about 7c brrrrr forcast getting down to 16c in middle of week...BTW, How is the sun room..
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