Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hi from the road in Leavenworth, Washington

This is the body of a note I just sent my sons and I thought I'd just copy it and post it here. They got rain and cooler weather this afternoon over on the west side of the mountains where we all live & Pat and I just left this morning to drive over here to Leavenworth, WA. Here is the body of the note:

We are in space 16 at Icicle River RV Park in Leavenworth and do have WiFi, sort of. I can't connect at our RV but can if I bring the laptop to the office area, where I am now. I will probably check our email daily until we leave on Wed.

We got here about 13:30 after an easy drive over Stevens Pass. There was a lot of snow up there but the road was bare & dry. Down here it has been sunny & clear. We & others have been running around town without jackets. Right now I am wearing a long sleeve shirt but it is starting to cool off mainly due to a breeze. We hope this nice weather continues. We watched KING-5 news & saw you have rain over near home but it sounded like it may stay on that side of the mountains, except for the east side of the service area (L, I think they meant the Spokane area.)

Our space is beautiful. We pulled into it head first so we have a great view of the river out the windshield of the RV. This is a full hookup park so we have water, sewer, 30amp power (electric heat overnight) and cable TV with lots of channels. We get the main network channels from both the Seattle & Spokane areas. We are about 3 miles out of town, farther than I'd want to walk but it is an easy drive in the car. It is about time for me to head back as I don't want to run the risk of running my battery down & I think I will copy and make this note a post on my blog so still have that to do. I have already taken some photos of the river & the park and will get more, plus some in town.

We do seem to have a working cell phone connection here in the park although I thought we wouldn't since we are down in the canyon. It isn't strong but it works. More later.

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Hey, I'm your first commentor! Isn't that going to set a record for me! Good to see you're on the road, Dick...can't wait for the pictures!
I love reading about your adventures. Are you a Veteran of some service? I apologize if I missed an earlier post where you wrote about it. You write military times, so I assumed...
My husband and I are 38 and 33, respectively, and we can't wait to travel the northwest states and Alaska. We are in Michigan, and always welcome visitors!

Best to you.
What? No sunroom at your RV park?

This is not at all like what I remember from all those HOAs my family spent time in when I was a teen.

I swam in a lot of murky "swimming pools".
Oh....but we are doing the outdoors thing later this summer. We have plans to go out to even more of the middle of nowhere Nevada (that is, not the middle of the nowhere where I already live) and try to dig up opals. The kids are excited about this. Dirt dirt dirt and more dirt.

We will be bringing lots of water.
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