Friday, April 11, 2008


Motorhome racing!

I found a link to this site on Chuck Woodbury's RV newsletter. This U-tube video runs about 7 minutes and is kind of fascinating. It takes place on a race track in England but it looks like only one rig out of the five in the video is right hand drive. I find this especially interesting as at one time I had a Midas brand class C motorhome much like the one the main character here is racing. We never tried this with ours. To see it, click on this link. I don't think I'll want to do this with our rig.

Time has been getting away from me. It has been quite awhile since my last post. I will try to do better. We are starting to think about our upcoming RV trip that we will start on Sunday, April 27th by driving east across the Cascade Mountains on Stevens Pass, highway US-2, to the town of Leavenworth where we will spend three nights at Icicle River RV Park. It will be our first outing with the rig since the first week in October when we took it to Oregon to have the solar system installed.

I recently bought and have been playing with a great software product called ProShow Gold by Photodex Corporation. It lets you make slide shows from photos, scans, video and other original material, add music and narration, then save it in many different media such as a DVD that will play on your home movie machine, an executable file that will self extract and run on someone's PC, online (be careful, they can get pretty large) and quite a few others. I have test made one on the building of our sunroom and looked at a first edition of it but am now fine tuning and adding menus, etc. It is fun to use. You can download a demo version from their web site that is a full operating program & will work for 15 days. Then you need to either buy it or delete it. I bought it right off the bat as a friend has been using it over a year so I had a good referral. The cost to just download is $70 or another $10 plus shipping of $7 will have them send you a CD and, more importantly, a User Guide that is very helpful. Much of what you need in directions is included in the download. To get the program, go to Photodex Corp, their web site and look it over. If you buy the CD as I did you still download the file, they send you the key to put into it and you can start using it while waiting for the mail to come.

More later. Have fun!

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The top gear video is a hoot! He says "Lets streamline the process by leaving the car and racing the motorhome." I say, lets really streamline, race the car and stay in a hotel. With room service.
Eeeep! I don't think motorhome racing is for the faint of heart, which in this case would be ME! LOL! ;o)

Hope you have a great weekend, Dick.

Love and hugs,

That program sounds pretty spiffy Dick, will we get to see your test one?
I don't think I'll even try to post the test slide show. It isn't finished but is nearing 300mb in size. I don't think Blogger will let me upload something that large!
Sounds like a great thing to have , I love Photos and doing little videos or pic with music , the one your talking about sounds really great , thanks for the tip !

Be carefull racing LOL and Hope your feeling great , you and Mrs. Mocha, belly rubs for the KITTies,that will keep you bust too HAHA.

Hi Dick, EEEwwwww racing RVs, not for me it would be rather scary trying to race them..,ill check out that photo site..
I'm wondering if you could download it onto your PC through the video system that comes with your maker I think it's called. could download it onto YouTube, then post the video on your website, but then if the video is too large even YouTube won't take it. I don't know, my friend, but I sure would love to see the video!
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