Saturday, April 19, 2008


Snow. Again.

March snow 01
Yeah, this is the same photo that I posted three weeks ago but we got up this morning to a similar look outside. And it is 2/3 of the way through the month of April! We should be having daily high temps in the low 60s with over night lows in the low 40s. Yesterday I don't think it got out of the 40s for the high temp. Something has really gone crazy with out weather and I don't like it!!!!!

Today (from the National Weather Service):
Showers Likely. Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
Hi 45°F

Chance Showers. Chance for Measurable Precipitation 40%
Lo 33°F Sunday

It is going to warm up tomorrow so that the low temp is only 33 rather than the 32 of today. We are supposed to leave a week from tomorrow to cross Stevens Pass, at 4300' elevation, with our motorhome pulling the tow car. If we have snow here at sea level you can probably guess what is happening at 4300' in the mountain pass. But the stuff does stick on the road up there. At least that National Weather Service site has it looking a lot better by next week. Now I hope they are right.

Pat and one of the gals who we have gotten to know here in our park came up with an idea a few months ago to try setting up a monthly potluck dinner for residents to come together in the clubhouse. They picked the last Wed of each month for it to occur. The other gal and a friend hosted the first one in Feb, Pat and another friend hosted the one in Mar. Pat & J cooked up a lot of spaghetti and had the others bring things to go with it. The dinner was held Mar 26th and had 35 attend. I have a couple of photos from that event to post:

Spagetti feed 02
Our clubhouse has a large room that we call the mirror room that is usually used for this kind of an event. Here are a part of those who came, with full plates. Meow, see the Australian wine in the foreground at the right?

Spagetti feed 03
This view shows Pat at our table with the food line in the background. I think most of those people are back for seconds as we waited to fill our plates until most had a chance to go first.

A very good time was had by all and the intended result of getting to know some of the newer residents in the park worked like a charm. This months event is on-schedule for the 30th but we will miss it as we'll be in Eastern Washington with the motorhome then. This idea has been suggested before but some of the long time residents said they had already tried that and gotten burned out on it. Well, there are new people coming all the time so it was time to try it again. They may not go on forever but it is fun and a good way to meet new folks. I am glad that Pat & E decided to ignore those who said "We've tried that before." And quite a few of those who said WTTB came and enjoyed themselves, so it was good even for them.

I don't know if I'll have a chance to post while we are on the road next week as I have canceled my wireless data service. So unless we run into WiFi available in one of our parks I won't be able to do so until we return. But I should come back with some new travel photos. And I will try to do another from here before we go.

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That's a great idea for get togethers in your park. I can see why after some time goes by some people might get tired of it maybe, so perhaps the solution is to only do it every few months?

Have a great trip Dick!
We've been having bizarre weather here too, Dick. It's not just your corner of the country. We got down to a record low of 31F on April 15th which is usually our average last frost date for our area.

Hope the snow is gone off the pass by the time you make your trip. Have a great time!

Love and hugs,

Dick, you're going to shoot me, but we're having temps in the 80s today. I know! Crazy stuff! I think we broke a record. And I love the potluck dinner glad to see people out and having fun with their neighbors. I haven't really met any neighbors around here, but I've been cooped up inside with the tours. But out my balcony, boats are whizzing by and people are riding by on bicycles. I think it's But I will post pictures soon.
This weather is CRAZY! It was hailing outside just a few minutes ago. It's APRIL for heaven's sake!

What a great idea for the potlucks. Good for Pat.
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