Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Back from our RV trip

I have quite a few photos and things to cover but will break them down into smaller bits and make multiple posts about our 8 day trip. We got home Monday afternoon and I would say it was a wonderful trip. We had sunshine everyday although a couple of them had filtered sunshine at least part of the day. We rarely needed jackets and the last full day in Winthrop was to enjoy what to us is almost summer like weather with a high temperature for the day of about 80 degrees. I have a few photos I've gotten ready to post and they are from our last evening on the road but they did get our interest. We had been warned to watch out for deer while driving up the Methow River toward the town of Winthrop and did in fact see one deer that had been hit alongside the roadway.

Deer in Winthrop 01
When we were returning to the campground about 18:30 Sunday evening we saw this scene just as we approached the turn off into our campground. These three deer just ambled across the highway in front of us and didn't pause much in their grazing on the lawn while I stopped the car and took photos of them.

Deer in Winthrop 02
They looked to us like a family. This photo has what we think was the doe and fawn although the fawn appears to be close to full grown.

Deer in Winthrop 03
Here are all three of them in a closer view. As you can see they still have their winter coats on so are not as nice and sleek looking as they will be soon, but they do seem to be healthy.

I will get to more of the photos soon and hope to be able to do a post a day for awhile. It was kind of awkward from the road as we didn't have Internet connections in all of the campgrounds and I only had the laptop computer to work on the photos. I have gotten spoiled with the speed of my desktop PC and it's larger monitor to view the photos on as I work with them. I also knew that I'd end up redoing much of what I did on the road when I got home as I have a way I like to store them here and the set has grown so large that I really don't try to work with all of them on the laptop and its smaller hard drives.

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Mule deer have skinny legs but even so, these guys look a little thin to me, Dick. City living should fatten them up by hunting season.

Oh wait. In deer herds the bucks usually walk at the end of the line (probably an adaptation to hunters) and that guy at the back doesn't have any horn buds. Happily nobody will be shooting at these three. I like muleys.

Sounds like you enjoyed your trip. I'm glad you're back safely.

Wow Dick, what an awesome moment caught on camera! That's just lovely.
Great nature shot Dick! I'm glad to hear you both had a good trip and I can't wait to see your pics. :)
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