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More from Leavenworth, WA

I have a few more photos from Icicle River RV Park and the town of Leavenworth, WA. That was where our trip started so I probably should put these up first. I actually had one I'd worked up today to use in this post when I discovered it is one that I had posted from on the road while we were in Leavenworth! I didn't notice it first as those photos were worked on in Photoshop in my laptop computer and here at home I'm using the desktop machine, so I didn't have it already here. I won't post it again.

Icicle River RV Park 07
This first photo is a landscape taken from right in front of our RV space in the park and is looking down stream at the river. During the three days we were there we noticed that the river was rising, due to snow melt in the mountains. The water is very cold as it was snow just a short time before it arrives here. See why it is named the Icicle River?

Icicle River RV Park 05
This view is looking up-river from a few spaces away from where we were parked. One of the ways we noticed the water was rising is that the first evening we were in the park I was able to walk out onto one of these large rocks to take photos from right in the river. By the time we left, three days later, that rock was under water.

Icicle River RV Park 06
There is a pretty good currant in the river. I didn't see any fish but am sure they are there. The elevation here is only about 1263' so I don't think this river actually freezes over at this point but I've never been here in the winter. I am not fond of snow and they measure it in feet here in the winter.

Icicle River RV Park 10
There is a lot of beauty in the outdoors and I think my bride adds to that beauty. Those rocks can be hard to sit on but she did so that I could take some photos. This is probably the best one of her and that still shows quite a bit of the background.

Icicle River RV Park 09
One of the stores in the town of Leavenworth is a Russian store and these dolls are there for sale. The prices are pretty high so we only looked, but the items offered there are beautiful.

Icicle River RV Park 11
Icicle River RV Park now has at least five of these little cabins that can be rented. I do not know what they charge for them. We just looked in the windows and all I saw was bunks to put sleeping bags on. I don't think they have any cooking facilities nor restrooms but there is a nice restroom building near the five cabins. I think these are much like the cabins offered by KOA campgrounds.

Icicle River RV Park12
These flowers are all over the place in the Leavenworth area at this time of the year. I was thinking they are skunk weeds but Pat doesn't think so. At any rate, they are bright and cheerful.

Leavenworth is a town that almost died when the railroad left that line in the 1960s. A local resident visited family in the Bavarian area of Germany and when he returned he noticed the similarities of the setting Leavenworth is in compared to Bavaria. He sold the community on building a "Bavarian Village" and they did. It is now one of the favorite tourist places in the state for both locals and out of state visitors. There are festivals going on there on a regular basis and they are now preparing to build a new train passenger station as the railroad has resumed using that cross state line. I think they will run tour trains at least from the Seattle/Everett side of the mountains and maybe will come from Spokane to the east also. Right now there is an occasional train trip available to there in the winter for their "Tree Lighting Ceremony" but when this resumes it is a trip that I want to take. I love trains.

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Pat is right about the flowers, whatever they may be, they are not skunk weed.

It has been year ssince i've been to Leavenworth. I mean many many years. Might be time to go back.
What gorgeous scenery, Dick, and great job with the photography. That's one of the differences between us: You're a photographer, and I take pictures. ;o)

My hubby and I both love trains but I've never rode one. He rides Amtrak back and forth to Dallas/Fort Worth several times year. I'll bet you could get some great pictures from that tour train.

Have a great weekend, Dick!

Love and hugs,

Dolls! Faint....

I love art dolls.

The town where I went to college featured a "All Things Victorian" type store. I loved that store. Gloves and teapots and hats and art dolls. Not ugly ceramic porcelain atrocities, but true one of a kind dolls dressed beautifully.

Again, awesome pictures, Dick! Beautiful country made even more beautiful through the lens of Dick, the camera man...makes me wanna cry, "More! More!"
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