Saturday, July 12, 2008


The late (poster), Dick

Well, so much for good intentions. I don't think it has ever been this long between posts on my blog. I have no excuse but do seem to have been busy all of the time. Of course part of that being busy is working on a project on my computer and not all of "us" really count that as being busy. But it does take a lot of time.

We have been doing things and I'll (try to) get something posted about some of those but for now I thought I'd just post a couple of photos of one of Pat's flowers. This is a begonia that she has grown from a bulb given to her by one of her daughters. It started in a pot in our yard but she worried that it might be drowned in all of the rain we had this spring so it and it's pot was moved onto the front porch, along with a bunch of others. I think it likes that location as it sure has grown, both leaves and bloom. And there are other blooms that are developing on this plant. There is a slightly smaller one that has red blooms coming in behind this one. Here is the first photo:
Pats begonia 01
This flower is a good 8 inches across. You can't see all of it because it's large leaves (like elephant ears) have part of it covered. You can just see a hint of red to the left of this flower, just below that upper leaf, and that is the red begonia starting to bloom.

Pats begonia 02
Here's a closeup view of the flower. It is large and really looks good.

Pat is good at raising her garden and much of it is in pots so that we can move them around to different locations. I have some other photos of different flowers she has grown and will try to post them occasionally.

Today we picked up a couple gallons of paint and the stuff to go with it so I can paint the trim around the outside of the house. The basic house is finished in a light gray, almost off white, vinyl siding. The trim has been gray but it looks like it was painted at different times as there is at least two shades of gray involved. We wanted it to look better so will get started with this. I'll probably start in the front of the house as that is what most people will see. Between that and working on my computer project, plus trying to occasionally take photos and we do want to take the RV out for a few days, I know I will be busy. But I will try to not take so long before the next post and also try to get around to visits to my blog friends more often. I'll try.

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Beautiful macro shots of the begonia, Dick. I don't have a tripod and my hand's not steady enough to do very well with close ups.

We're not really doing anything out of the ordinary, but we seem to be staying busy too. Kind of hard to explain, ain't it?

Hope you and Pat have a great weekend! :o)

Love and hugs,

Very pretty flower!

And it sounds like you have very good reasons for not having time to blog!

Don't get too hot painting!

Have a great weekend, Jess
Have fun painting , it always feels great when you get it done!
lovely picture you do such fantastic photos , wish I had your talent Dick , but for now I will pine over yours LOL
Have a great day and Take it easy in the heat painting ,sunblock everything LOL

Beautiful photos!!! I have never seen a begonia soooo big!!! Absolutely stunning!!!

I wish your painting was all finished. That's quite a job! Stay cool and be careful when you're on a ladder.

Tell Pat she must have a BIG green thumb to grow such a HUGE begonia!!! Just too pretty for words!

Have a great week!
Ask Pat if she will come and take care of my flowers. :)
What a beautiful flower!

Life gets busy sometimes Dick, so don't worry about it. Post when you can and we'll still be here!
I found your blog on Jessica's World (Diane's daughter) this morning. I found it so interesting that I had to go way back in the archives and read to see where you were then to where you are now. Quite a story. I was in your area the first part of June when my SIL and I went on a little road trip. Thanks for sharing your story. A new reader from North Idaho.
Hi Dick,
Wow that is a beaut! Pat must surely have very green thumbs. Container planting is the way to go in this zone for more delicate flowers and plants. I do the same thing, then they can be moved to avoid the deluges we often get. Also they stay safe from slugs!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Gday Dick, Beauty at its best just stunning...
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