Thursday, July 24, 2008


Trim painting is finished!

I finished the last of the trim painting on the house last Monday and it looks better than before, if I have to say so myself. I should have taken a current photo before I started but didn't, so will have to pull one from the past.

House 3-25-08
This one was taken March 25th while the roofers were here re-roofing the house. The sun wasn't shining so the lighting looks quite a bit different between the two but this one actually shows more detail on the porch which is in much deeper shadows in the photo taken today in the sunshine. Note that the trim is a lighter shade of gray then in the next photos. In some places, especially along the roof gutters & down spouts, that gray looked like it was showing a previous color through the paint.

House 7-24-08
This view is from about the same place but I painted out the telephone hookup box. You can see there are also a lot more flowers but the forsythia isn't in bloom any more. Also you can see just a glimpse of the new roof on the peak to the left of the front porch. Anyway, the trim is about the same color but a darker shade of gray. The house itself is finished in vinyl siding in a very light gray shade.

House 7-24-08 00
A view of the front porch with more detail showing. You can also see the very large begonia and it now has about 3 white blooms and some of the red one that is growing in the same pot to the right. There are yellow ones behind the white ones at the left side but they are not yet as large. The stock on the white one is at least an inch across.

House 7-24-08 02
We have some yard decorations. There is a family of odd birds and this is one of the babies.

House 7-24-08 03
Here is the mother bird. These do not go south for the winter but just move into the garage for the cold and snowy part of the year. It is an easier trip for them that way.

Pat is a collector of toads and also has some frogs, some of which I'll post later in photos. Anyway, you can see what I spent about a week working a few hours on almost every day this past week. I do need to touch up a few spots with white, like in the back of the garage where the roofers had to replace one of the plywood roof panels and part of it shows. I'll get to that next week. For now, it is time to relax a little, drink a few mochas, and enjoy our nice summer like weather.

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Your house looks very nice. Bet you are relieved to have that behind you

Have a good end of the week.
It looks good, Dick.

Wanna trade "summer-like weather" with me? It's supposed to be 98F tomorrow with the humidity nearly matching the temp.

Have a good weekend! ;o)

Love and hugs,


PS: You haven't posted any pics of Huggy or Pat's cats in a while. I hope they're all doing okay.
You have a lovely house! I was wondering what happened to the phone service pole, until i read that you removed it pixially. (I made up that word.)
You and Pat have a really nice place. Great job Dick!
Nice job. It looks great. Any trips in the RV planned?
Simply amazing what some paint can do, isn't it? I DO love the colors!!
GDay Dick,Nice paint Job. Your house and garden look nice,and love your non migrating birds..
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