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The beach at Ocean Mist Resort

Okay, another week has gone by and I am just now getting the next post made of our trip to the ocean. I went through the photos from the beach at Ocean Mist Resort and came up with a dozen photos that kind of show what it was like. The day was overcast as it often is on the coast but it was not very cold. The beach there is reached by walking along a trail over the sand that at first goes through grasses and other plants that can grow in the sand. It is about a quarter of a mile down there and the walking is not bad but it is not a wheelchair accessible path. In Washington State you are allowed to drive vehicles on the beach at some places, one of which is the main beach at Ocean Shores, so at that location a person in a chair can get right out there.

The beach 01
This first photo shows Pat at a place near the start of the trail, with another couple ahead who are also heading to the beach. You can see the trail markers standing u alongside the trail farther along.

The beach 02
Here are the two trail markers viewed from a different direction. There really is an ocean out there but we are standing a bit above it so you can't see it beyond the grass.

The beach 025
Pat is approaching the first of the two trail markers. People have a lot of fun adding things they have found along the shore to these trail markers so they are changing all of the time.

The beach 03
Ah, there is it! Yes there really is an ocean out there. The beach here is quite flat and the sand is very fine grained. When there is a strong wind that sand can actually blow in the wind. I'd rather not take my car down to the beach under those conditions. My paint job doesn't need to be sand blasted!

The beach 10
Pat likes to send photos from her cell phone to her daughters. We had a good strong cell phone signal on the beach so it was easy to send them but the overcast lighting didn't offer a lot of contrast so those small photos didn't really show much. The bigger cameras do a better job.

The beach 04
We walked down there in the afternoon so the sun was fairly low in the sky behind the clouds. I guess that is what makes this look almost like a sunset. You can also see that there is a pretty good surf down there and surfing is a popular sport, although they all do it in a dry suit as the water here in the north Pacific is pretty cold. My younger son doesn't surf on a surf board but he likes to come down here and use his boogie board. And you really should be a good swimmer to venture out there as the rip tides are very strong at times.

The beach 05
I don't know what these little shore birds were but they made an interesting photo with their reflections in the wet sand. They all move in mass farther up the beach as that big 7th wave breaks and comes up far enough to reach them. Notice the seagull flying toward us near the left side of the photo.

The beach 06
Here a group of seagulls are flying along the beach in mass. You can also see a fishing boat on the horizon about a third of the way into the photo from the left side. That pounding surf is pretty loud when you are this close but it is kind of a soothing background noise from up in the campground. Good night music.

The beach 07
A closeup view of a flock of seagulls flying along the beach. Notice how everything is gray and white without much in the way of color.

The beach 08
Now we introduce a bit of color. A father & his daughter are digging in the sand a short distance away from us. Beaches are a fascinating place for kids.

The beach 09
Here is the young girl with her Mom as they were racing up the beach toward the trail. The girl beat Mom to the top!

The beach 11
And here's the beach trail from the beach end of it, showing the RVs in the background. Ours is just across the street from one of those near the left side of the photo. And you are getting a closer view of one of the trail markers. Things like that bright orange boat float help to see this thing on these gray days. Some of these photos lacked color so much that I tried changing one of them to a black & white image in Photoshop. Can you tell which one it was?

These photos make it look kind of cold and almost foggy down there. It wasn't bad and was never cold during our trip. There was almost no rain while we were there. Right on the beach there really isn't very much color. Notice how much brighter the photos look when people are introduced, or those farther up the beach where the grass and other plant life is. I have some other landscapes from other places along the beach farther north and I'll probably post them next. These were all taken right at the resort.

I tried editing some of the photos that I had uploaded to Flickr and this post got all messed up. I am just finishing redoing it, will save and then check it out. I hope it will be okay. If you came by during the interim while I have been working on it, I am sorry about the missing middle part.

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Great photos Dick!
I like the seagulls on the sand.
let me know when you get here, maybe we can meet at Miriams Espresso for a mocha.
The group of seagulls with the fishing boat is the one you changed to black and white. It's not that much different from the others without people or other color though.

I love to compare ocean and beach pictures from places I haven't been before. I've only been to Florida and Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi. Your beach scenes are very different from those places.

Great pics as always, Dick. I really enjoyed seeing them and reading your narrative.

Hope you and Pat have a great weekend and Sunday Dinner. :o)

Love and hugs,

The first shot (not the closeup) of the seagulls flying over the waves is the B&W ~ those are some really beautiful photos Dick!

I love sleeping at night to the sound of waves lapping the beach.
beautiful beautiful. I love the ocean. Love love love.
Loved the pictures...Sounds like a wonderful trip.

Hope you have a wonderful week
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