Sunday, August 03, 2008


Toads around the house

Pat collects toads. We have quite a few inside the house and of course there are yard toads, too. Here are a few of the yard toads.

Toads 01
This is the Educated Toad, with his diploma, books and moarter board. He is hiding a bit back in the plant that is supposed to be behind him, but I think you can see him.

Toads 02
This is Pat's helper, the Gardener Toad. This lady toad is equipped to do all of the spading, etc. that is necessary but we still seem to end up doing most of that.

Toads 03
This guy is the Greeter Toad who greets our visitors. His station is just outside the front door on the porch. He is kind of brown which is good as he is not out in the rain where he gets washed off.

We will be leaving in about half an hour to go catch a shuttle bus and ride to Seattle's Safeco Field to watch the Seattle Mariner's baseball team loose (probably) to the Baltimore Orioles. I won four tickets to today's game along with four round trips on the shuttle bus in a radio contest! They are for the game today and, even though our team is not having a very good season, we are looking forward to the trip. The weather is supposed to be in the upper 70s this afternoon so it is just about perfect for sitting and watching a game. And I don't have to drive down, try to find parking, and pay for it! I will take the small camera but don't think I'll be able to get much in the way of photos as we will be sitting behind home plate but in the upper nose bleed section. More later.....

PS - Diane, the cats are all fine, still engaging in their Cat Wars.

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Hello Dick. I found you over at Diane's place. In your comment you mentioned that you and your wife were going to See the Mariner's so I figured you had to live in the Pacific Northwest. We are practically neighbors, I'm in Belllingham.
My daughter collects frogs too.
I hope you have fun at the game and have a hotdog for me!
Great knew I'd love them. LOL!!
I like toads and frogs too, though I don't collect them as Pat does.

Thanks for letting me know Huggy and the other cats are well. I wondered about them since it's been a while since you mentioned them or posted any pics.

Hope y'all enjoyed the game, and I don't know why you don't want to trade my 100+ temps for your upper 70's, LOL.

Love and hugs,

Hope you enjoyed yourself. Have a wonderful week ahead of you.
I have a collection of froggies which I'm peculiar about. They can't be cartoony or too large. I like them better made out of stone or metal or glass. I loves my froggies.
Fire that Gardener Toad! He's not pulling his weight! LOL

Cute things to have in your garden for sure. Hope you're both doing well Dick, have a great week!
Hi Dick, I have a few frogs,, Love Pat's collection specially the educated one.Haveagreatweekend
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