Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Beach scenes

Here are a few photos from various places along the beaches from our recent RV trip. These are all north of where we were "camping" at Ocean City.

Ocean beaches 01
This is pretty representative of beach scenes along the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula. We are at the edge of the Olympic Rain Forest and the sky is overcast much of the time. There are also a lot of streams and rivers that flow down from the Olympic Mountains into the Pacific Ocean along here. This area shown here in the photo is on Quinault Indian Tribal lands and the beach is posted no trespassing. I was on the shoulder of the road that runs north along the coast to the Indian town of Taholah on State Route 109.

Ocean beaches 02
This sign was just a few feet from where I took this photo.

Ocean beaches 03
Here is a different view with a different focal length lens of a part of the area in the previous photo. This beach is pretty flat although there are some large rocks as you can see in the distance. The foliage is lush and dense due to the temperate climate and a lot of rainfall.

Ocean beaches 04
On Tuesday the 12th, after our trip north to Taholah, we stopped for lunch in the Green Lantern Pub in Copalis Beach. This is the view we enjoyed from there, looking north across the grass and down the meandering stream toward the open ocean. The mist hanging on the upper part of the hill in the background tells you a lot about the weather conditions down here.

Ocean beaches 05
A little different view of the same area as the last photo. This was taken with a longer focal length lens (more of a telephoto) and shows the stream a lot better. The hill here is the lower one that just shows at the far right side of the last photo.

Ocean beaches 06
And this is a closer view yet. There could easily be wildlife in the view as they are all around.

These beaches are sure different from those in Hawaii, like that one in the last post, that I took on Maui while we were there last October. It is hard to remember that this cold water is the same as that warm, comfortable water over there. We didn't really have much sunshine during this trip but it was still nice weather, for the Washington Coast. Any day down there that it doesn't rain is a pretty good weather day.

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I really enjoyed your post and the pictures...just lovely.

Have a good rest of the week.
I got a few Sand Dollars from that beach a few years ago!
Oh!...When are you two coming over here?
Beautiful photos. I love the Pacific Northwest coast pretty much anywhere, so rugged and beautiful.
Beautiful shots Dick, I especially like #1 and #4!
Awesome pictures, Dick! Sort of looks like the scenery around my neck of the woods. Keep the pictures coming!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Diiiick,
Happy Birthday to yoooooou!
A beautiful part of the world, Dick, and more stunning photos.
Take care, Meow
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