Sunday, September 28, 2008


Going on an RV trip!

We will be leaving tomorrow morning on a week long RV trip to Spokane, WA! I usually go to my home town for one to two weeks in the summer but as Pat isn't fond (that is an understatement) of hot weather, and Spokane is usually in the 90s in July, we postponed the trip to fall. It looks like it will be a very good time to go as the forecasts sound like at least most of our week there has less than a 10% chance of rain and daily high temps in the 70s. It will be fairly cool over night but we will be in a full hookup RV park so can easily stay warm. Yipee!

I will take the laptop computer (what I am writing this now on) and we should be able to connect to the park WiFi system in our membership RV park that is just west of town. If that doesn't work out, I can take the PC to my brother's house a few times and hook it up on his broadband cable based system.

Now I must go mow the lawn then get back to work loading the RV.

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Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Also Have a Great Week Ahead!!!
Ditto what Jessica said, and be sure to take plenty of pics to share on the blog. ;o)

Love and hugs,

Have fun
Have a GREAT trip! Hope to see some of your photos of it on your blog!
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