Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hi from Ponderosa Falls RV Resort!

We left home yesterday at about 9:15 with the motor home towing our Saturn "toad" car, stopped for my important "on the road" mocha, then hit the freeway southbound from Mount Vernon. There were no traffic problems anywhere along our route, even through Everett. They recently opened two extra lanes through town there so through the central part of town there are now four regular lanes plus one high occupancy vehicle lane and those really have made a difference. Of course, we were there just after 10, not at 8am in rush hour traffic.

Since we were heading east, we took the I-405 cutoff that goes east, then south through Bothel, Woodenville, Kirkland and Bellevue to the I-90 interchange where we picked up I-90 east bound. By Northbend it was time to stop for a potty break and to stretch our legs, then we were back on the road to cross Snoqualmie Pass over the Cascade Mountains.

Coming into Eastern Washington we started spotting signs for fresh peaches, so we stopped at Thorp Produce, a large place that is right beside the freeway. It is one of those places that I've always said that I wanted to stop visit but never did. This time we did. They were cutting samples of the peaches and they were wonderful! We only bought three but probably will buy a box next week when we are on our way home.

This place has a lot more than just fresh produce. We had forgotten to bring salad dressing but we found many there to purchase. Many sounded good but we managed to settle on two, one of which (Blackberry Walnut Dressing) we opened- it is very good. We also found some interesting things to buy to get a better start on our Christmas shopping. They are building what looks like a large gas station next door to the produce building. It would be nice if it also offered lunch.

But since it didn't, we drove on into Ellensburg and stopped at the large truck place there for lunch in their dining room. You know there will be plenty of space to park a 31 foot long motorhome with a Saturn tow car behind in a truck stop! As we were leaving, after a good lunch, there was a convoy of Army vehicles pulling in. Fort Lewis is on our side of the mountains, south of Tacoma, but these folks were heading for the Army's Yakima Firing Range which is larger than even Ft. Lewis for training exercises.

Back on the freeway, we continued east. I started thinking that the office at the campground might close at 17:00 and wasn't sure if we would get there on time if we made another stop, but we wanted to stretch our legs so pulled into one of the state rest stops. On this side of the mountains there is one about every 30 miles or so along I-90. I called and was right, they close at 17:00, so we limited our stop to a short one, hit the road and I jacked up our cruise control speed to 64 from the previous 56. We arrived here at 16:40 and were assigned space Y-8. After hooking up, Pat fixed dinner, we watched the news on TV (how about the stock market crash?), read & watched TV. To bed early, about 21:00, as we were both tired.

This morning we have sunshine but it is cool outside, probably about 50 degrees. The TV said to expect 73 by lunch time and a high today of 83. But by Saturday it said to expect cooler weather and showers. I don't know for sure where we are going today nor what we are doing, but will find out. Now for breakfast.

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We had a cold front move through overnight and it's cooler with much lower humidity today, and lots of sunshine. High in the mid-70's today, with a low in the mid-40's tonight. I love this kind of Fall weather!

Glad you and Pat had a safe trip. Hope the rest of your vacation and trip home are safe and enjoyable as well.

Love and hugs,

Great. Now i'm craving peaches. Could you swing by on your way home and bring me a box???

Mmmm peaches! You and Pat have a great time Dick, I'm looking forward to some pictures too! :-)
Yes, the peaches and other foods sound so good! As does a high of 83! Sounds like it's turning out to be another good trip.
Hope you two have a safe trip and a fantastic one too!;-)
sounds like your ready for FUN!

Loved the last pics you took of the flowers DICK , they are spectacular I could almost smell them !LOL
and the surfer dude is kinda cute too !
Have a great one and lots of MOCHA mr Mocha !
Drive safe and waiting for your tidbits so I can follow along , thanks in advance ;-)

Did someone say peaches? Hi Dick...thanks for stopping off at Boomer Chick...what an election this is going to turn out to be, huh? Anyway, happy to see you are on the road with your new RV...I guess the thing isn't so new to you anymore...hope you and Pat are having a blst and Huggy, too...where's the pictures?
We are heading over on the 17th, I hope the peaches are still there then. Are the apples ready yet?
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