Sunday, October 05, 2008


Almost a week has gone by!

We have been on the road away from home now for almost a week. I love traveling! But, we go home tomorrow and I love being there, too.

Our weather has changed. Wednesday the temp hit 83, Thursday about 73 and since then the daily high has been just in the 60s and there has been some rain, mostly over night. Today is supposed to be mostly sunny and even better tomorrow which will be nice as it is easier to drive the motorhome with the car in tow when it isn't raining.

I am able to log onto the WiFi system here in the RV park but it isn't working very well with my Flickr site so I've been unable to make a post with photos. We will be home tomorrow night and I'll probably be able to get to it Tuesday, after my dentist appointment. Anyhow, I do have a few photos from this trip and we'll get them up. Eventually.


You stay so busy. I just love that about you guys. Looking forward to seeing your pictures! Have a safe trip home.
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