Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The 'Long Live Rock" show

Last week I won two tickets for a show that sounded pretty good to us. It was called, "Long Live Rock" to be performed at Mount Vernon's Lincoln Theater this past Saturday night. Pat & I grew up in the Rock and Roll years, right from the start of that genre of music. These were going to be performed by what has now become called a "Tribute Band" which means others singing the songs of the well known performers. We have enjoyed going to Danny Vernon's Tribute to Elvis shows and, since I won these tickets at no cost, decided to go. I have a few photos to post from the show.

The theater is an old fashioned movie theater with a large stage that is used often for productions of this type. The lighting and acoustics are good so it works well for music productions. The place is owned by the city and has been completely renovated, so it really is a beautiful place.

Long Live Rock 1
This first photo is of the first singer who was singing music from The Doors. He was pretty good and we enjoyed his music. He sure has a lot of hair. The same basic band played for all of the performers, I think (we ended up leaving early.)

Long Live Rock 2
Here is another photo of the first performer. Most of my photos do not show the guy on the keyboards as he is kind of off to the right side of the stage but this one has him in view.

Long Live Rock 3
This third photo is of the same guy. I have the movie, "The Doors" in which I think Val Kilmer stared as Jim Morrison, the lead singer. I haven't yet watched it but now think I will.

Long Live Rock 4
I don't know who this guy was supposed to be. He was loud and I think there is a difference between singing and screaming. He hasn't yet learned that difference although he doesn't look to be as young as most of the others.

Long Live Rock 5
This gal I think was singing music from Pat Benatar, but I am not sure.

I guess the music was good but it really isn't from the era of rock that Pat & I grew up with. We were there from the beginning with Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Little Richard and those of that era. There are many of the newer groups who have played music that we enjoy but this didn't really seem to be it. There was to be some in the second half that I know we would have liked, including some from Fleetwood Mac, Heart, The Who and Melissa Etheridge but we just were not enjoying what we were hearing in the first half so decided, for the protection of our hearing, we would leave early. So these three singers are all that I got photos of. But I think I now have pretty much figured out how to consistently get technically good photos under these challenging lighting conditions. And I am glad that the tickets were free.

PS - The hobby shop called late this afternoon to say that my model airplane has arrived! I'll go pick it up tomorrow, then figure out how to do the finish work on it's assembly and where to store it to keep it safe from our pride of cats.

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maybe those ladies are supposed to be Heart???
I tend to like the original artists rather than imitators, no matter how good they are.

Hope you have good weather so you can fly your new toy.

Love and hugs,

Oh Dick, your plane is ready! I can't wait to see pictures of you flying it. Great pictures of the band, btw!
You are having WAY too much fun in your retirement Dick!!
That sounds like a LOT of fun! I've seen "The Doors" movie and really liked it.
Doesn't even appeal to me! I gave up on music when the Rolling Stones came in/ I Know....I'm an old fart!
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