Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My home area from the air

One of our neighbors has a friend who has a radio controlled model airplane he has built that includes a Canon digital still camera. He can fly the plane over an area and take photos with the camera from his controller on the ground. Doug's friend came with that plane on August 12th, flew it from the parking lot in our senior park and took some photos of the area. I have the photos from that session as well as a couple that Doug took of them before the flight. Pat and I were down at the ocean with our RV when this occurred so we were not here but it is still fun to see the results.

Airial photo model plane 1
Here is a fairly close up view of the front end of the airplane itself, showing the engine, prop, camera and wheels. I'm sorry that the background is a bit busy as the plane was sitting on the tailgate of the truck it arrived in and has some of the accessories used with it in view, but I think you can get a good idea what it looks like.

Airial photo model plane 2
Here is the pilot/owner carrying it into the parking lot of our clubhouse, where he flew it from. You can see the mail boxes building at the street edge of the parking lot just beyond him on the left side of the photo, and Little Mountain in the background behind the trees that are at the edge of our park. I wasn't here to see the takeoff or landing but Doug said it flew fine from this amount of open space.

Little Mountain Estates 1
Here is a photo from the plane. That is our house on the far right side, just across the street. If you look carefully you can see the sunroom we added at the left side of the house as we are looking at it here on the back of the house. This also shows some of the common area behind us that is in lawn. The houses are fairly close to each other but that is fine with most of us as we don't want a lot of yard space to have to maintain! The common area is pretty big but the park maintains it.

Little Mountain Estates 2
This view is looking south, about the same direction that the photo of the two people carrying the plane to launch it was looking. You can see the mailbox building at the left side of the parking lot. The big building there is our clubhouse which has a lot of things inside including a large indoor swimming pool, a library with a few thousand books, a full kitchen, billiards and poker tables, a piano/organ, meeting space and a large mirror room such as a dance school would have. Just beyond the building there is a glimpse of the gazebo out in the yard where Pat and I were married last year and on the near side, a shuffle board court and a golf putting green that is missing it's green cover as well as quite a bit of lawn space.

Little Mountain Estates 3
This angle of view is similar but looking from a bit farther to the left (east) toward the south. The gazebo shows up better on the far side of the clubhouse here and you can actually see a bit of our house beyond the green one that is at the far side of the parking lot. I can see the front door of the sunroom, although it is easier to pick it out if you click on the photo and go look at it in a larger version on my Flickr site.

These photos show a bit about how our park is laid out. There are 120 homes here. The houses are all double wide manufactured homes that range in size from about 1200 to 1900 square feet. All are pit mounted on foundations so they sit on the ground like a stick built house rather than being three feet up in the air like mobile homes are often setup. I would love to have an airplane like this one- might be something to look into.....

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you live in a beautiful area , the pics are nice , I bet it is even nicer to live there! You certainly get the birds eye view from up there!LOL
I hope you and your Mrs.! are both well and having a great Autum , if it is fall there yet?
Take care and keep taking those fantastic pic , love the waterfall one in last post , I think you missed your calling !!!!Never to late to be a faous Photographer :-)

Take care
Typos Grrrrr!!!:-( That should read FAMOUS Photographer :-)

That is SO COOL! Do the Russians know? :)
That's pretty slick!
Nice little toy!
You live in such a nice park. For a second, I thought it was my aunt and Uncles park. They live in a very similar set up in Auburn. You are a bit closet to the boarder than they are though.
What great pics! I agree, you live in a really pretty spot Dick.
Wow, that was neat, Dick!
Gday Dick, What great pics from a neat big boys toy, You live in a lovely well cared for park..
have a great weekend
Good grief. There is no more privacy for anybody is there? lol
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