Thursday, October 23, 2008


Old friends know us too well

On Wednesday, after my blog post Tue about ordering my RC airplane, I got an email from an old friend (I can say that since he is a few months older than me and we've known each other since about 1957) with the subject line, "I KNEW IT." Gary R and I used to do a lot of things together: archery weekly at the local field archery club and at least once out in the desert where we could chase the arrows as far as they would go, water ski in the summer, talk about cars and girl friends, and more. Over the years we have come to know each other very well. Here is the bulk of his note:

"Hi, there, John Richard,

You know, many things in life change---but some do not. I was just on your "blog," and I KNEW as soon as I read your last week's entry with the photos that the guy took of your neighborhood with his Radio Controlled plane that it was only going to be a matter of time until you decided that you HAD to have one of these gadgets. When I did not see any other blog entries from you, I knew as sure as the sun rises in the east that you were on a "mission" to identify and purchase what you needed to get started in that new activity.

I was laughing to myself as I read your account of the process you went through: head to the nearest hobby store; talk to store owners; BUY all the magazines you can get your hands on that describe how to get started and what to start with. The only difference between 1959 and now is that you were able to find simulation software to allow you to learn without crashing and burning..... Can you imagine what it would have been like back in 59-60 if we had been able to "test drive" new race-ready Porsches, Cobra 429s, and the like simply by pooling our money and buying a simulator?

Of course, we probably would have also tried to find (or find someone to program)
simulators for: a "date" with Annette; sky diving; bow hunting for Alaskan Kodiak
bears; and, of course----a simulator for C***** so he could "learn to drive" without
going out into the neighborhood killing trees with his parents' new Chevy."

I guess there is a lot of truth to the idea than you really can't fool people all of the time. To those who know you well, we are all pretty transparent.

I am having fun with the simulator and looking forward to later this week when my airplane should arrive at the hobby shop. Now if I can figure out a place to store it where it will be safe from the cats.

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You need a place where you can literally hang your plane from the ceiling. Seriously.

Our family and friends really do know us better than we'd like to think they do, just as we know them.

Hope your plane comes in soon so you can get started scratching that itch. ;o)

Love and hugs,

I think that Diane has the right idea for storage of the new plane, but I think that place will have to be in the garage. I've been told that once the plane has been flown it is impossible to get rid of the fuel smell and that we really don't want that in the house, or any dripping on the carpet or whatever might be beneath it if hanging from the ceiling. This isn't like the plastic models I built as a kid and hung that way. Of course it is also a LOT bigger than they were, too!
Oh this looks like so much fun. The ex bought a small one and ended up killing it the first day (lousy aviator, lol) but these things can be so much fun. Hey Dick, does your camera have a video function? I'd love to see you flying it!
We have a club here on Whidbey that fly their planes at the OLF field on Sundays.
The older we get, the more expensive the toys.
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