Thursday, December 18, 2008


Christmas lighting and Snow

Winter came to us this week. Over the last weekend we got about four inches of snow which isn't too bad, but then it turned cold and we had a couple of days when the temperature didn't get above freezing. The roads got cleared fairly well as the humidity was down and the city did get sand out. I had our driveway and sidewalk cleared and it was in good shape. Up to when we went to bed Tuesday night.

Then Tuesday evening it started snowing again. Hard. It kept it up until about 16:00 today at which point we had over a foot of snow. That is very unusual for our area as we normally have none over an average winter. Now our friends in Canada are sending another mass of very cold air south so it will clear up and be sunny but we'll have night temps in the teens and daily highs only up to the mid 20s for the next couple of days. On Sunday it is supposed to warm up a bit but then we will also get more snow.

Our house in the snow 01
Here is a photo of our house taken today about 17:00 just after I got home from getting my mocha at Starbucks (some things you just have to do, regardless of the weather.) I should have cleared the snow off the little snowmen, and the bush at the right side of the house has so much snow on it that many of the lights there do not show well in this photo, but you can see what was done by Mother Nature.

We just stayed home yesterday with me clearing the driveway and sidewalk about five times, only to have it fill back in with snow. We have something over a foot of the stuff now. I really don't like snow but we have a lot less than my brother who lives east of the mountains in Spokane. They set a new record for the amount of snow that fell in a 24-hour period, over 19 inches. They currently have more than two feet of the stuff and it has almost brought the city to a standstill. I guess things could be worse here!

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As much as I love how the snow makes things prettier, I really could do with out the stuff, you know? :)
Thanks for sharing photo...very pretty. Good time to stay home and enjoy the view from INSIDE the house, eh? One daughter lives in Seattle and was wondering how much you all have of it now.
I love snow and your house looks so Christmasy with the snow!

We had about 4 inches of ice and sleet on the ground since Monday, but a warm front blew in overnight and our temp rose from about 32 to mid 60's in just a few hours. Our ice is gone! Now it's supposed to cool off again another cold front is due in a couple of days, warm up again, then some kind of frozen precip on Tuesday/Wednesday of next week, just in time for Christmas.

Our weather this Fall/Winter so far is a real roller coaster ride!

Hope your snow melts off and you get more normal temps soon.

A happy and joyous Christmas to you and Pat and your families, Dick. :o)

Merry Christmas!

Much Love,

I think Christmas lights look so much prettier with snow, especially when they are partly covered in it. Very pretty photo Dick!

If I don't get a chance before, Merry Christmas to you and Pat!
Oh Dick, send us some! We've not gotten anything over here on the island. Supposedly we had flurries one day but I must have had my eyes closed. They're getting it up north but we must be too far south. Your house looks so pretty!
So how much snow did you get last night? We got about 8" and closed the Transit this morning. Yahoo! We'll see what tomorrow brings us.
Absolutely beautiful photos. I really enjoy your blog.
My husband loves Mocha, especially Starbucks
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