Friday, December 12, 2008


Christmas parties and computers

Every year our community holds a Christmas Party for the residents on the second Tuesday of December. This was the third one for Pat and I to attend together and she was one of the table hosts. I don't have a lot of photos to post but here are a couple taken this year:

Christmas party 2008 00
This shows the room before the party started. It is held in what we call the Mirror Room. The decorations and table settings were beautiful. There is enough room for eight tables, each set for eight to be seated. The party committee members prepared turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy while the other foods were brought by those who attended in potluck style. There was plenty of food.

Christmas party 2008 01
Here the tables are filled with happy people, eating a great meal. The table in the foreground is the one Pat hosted and if you look carefully you can almost see her in the lower right corner of the photo. It was a fun evening and I think everyone was home by 21:00, after cleaning up.

I've fallen a bit behind on posting here but we have been busy. I've got my new computer up and working- I'm using it now to write this. I love the machine- it is very fast, even at downloading files from the camera memory cards. It came with a program called PC Move that involved hooking a special cable between the two machines through their USB ports that transferred not only data but program code and the necessary registry information. I have had some struggles to get some of the programs working and still haven't tried my two flight simulators. It may turn out that I'll want to remove them and reinstall each in order to have them work right. I did order the machine with Windows XP as I am not fond of Vista after fighting with it on my newer laptop. I've made the jump from Microsoft Office XP (2002) to MS Office 2007. It is a lot different but so far hasn't been as much of a problem as I was afraid it would be. You know the idea of trying to teach an old guy new tricks. Well, the menus are different but so far, even with MS Word which has more changes than about any other of the programs, they seem to be pretty obvious. I'd say that there are definitely some things I like better about it. I almost have my other computer ready for Pat to move to it, probably will have that completed by the end of this weekend. Now to go wrap some more gift packages.

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At the risk of jinxing myself, I have new HP notebook that has Vista installed and so far I haven't had any problems with it. I like the way the files and folders work better on XP but I can live with it.

I agree, this computer is MUCH faster than my old desktop. I think I got a new puter just in time because I think my desktop is on its last leg.

The Christmas dinner pics are good and it looks like y'all had a great time. Very nice!

Have a good weekend, Dick, and Merry Christmas to you, Pat and your families. :o)

Love and hugs,

What pretty table settings! Now I'm hungry for Christmas turkey and I have to wait! LOL
You guys have all the fun!
How much snow did you get? And look out tomkorrow night!! Whoohoo!!
We had about 4 inches of snow that we woke to Monday morning. There may well be more tonight. I could do without any but that doesn't seem to be an option this year. Where my son is they are expecting 24inches of the stuff. That will make it fun to get around on those goat trails in the Afghan mountains.
Oh I'm behind in posting, too, so don't feel bad. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time...who can go wrong with turkey and mashed potatoes, huh? Hope you're having a nice holiday so far...hey, I got the camera for Melissa. The one I pointed out to you. I'm hearing it might not be as professional as some of the others, but it's a lot better than her little digital she has now. I can't wait to play with it myself! I'll be taking pictures so you can see how they look. Thanks for your advice!
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