Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Warm sunlight, cold snow

Pat noticed the way the very warm setting sun was kissing the trees to the east of our park with light yesterday afternoon, and called me to come see. I tried taking a few photos of the scene and will post three of them here. The sunlight looks warm but the temperature was right about freezing level so the warmth is just an illusion.

LME winter 01
This first photo is what Pat noticed while wrapping gifts at our kitchen table, looking to the east. The house is our neighbors across the street, the trees are on the hill behind our park up where the condominiums are located near the golf course. I doubt there is much golf being played now- we have something like 16 inches of snow.

LME winter 02
This is Little Mountain, just to the south of our park. It is a telephoto shot so the distances have been compressed- it is not really this close. If you look carefully you can see the RVs that are on the storage lot in the right lower corner of the photo. Ours is one of those lumps of snow.

LME winter 03
Here is the view to the north with the foothills in the distance. The poplar trees are bare of leaves but their branches are dense enough that they reflect this very warm sunlight. The snow on the evergreens almost looks warm. It isn't.

The light you find from just before sunrise to an hour or so after and in the hour before sunset to just after is almost magic. The challenge with a camera is trying to keep that magic in the light. I think it will be a lifelong learning experience for me but I do enjoy it. I just wish this snow would go away and we'd get back to our more normal weather pattern!

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I love the pictures!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Love, Jess
I know you're sick of the snow, but it sure does make for some beautiful photos.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dick. :o)

Much Love,

Those are beautiful! You have way more snow than we do. That's what you get for living up North.

Stay safe and warm.
You are so lucky to have all that snow. It's everywhere else in the country but here. What's. Up. With. That. Beautiful pictures, though...love the way the light falls on the trees. You take excellent pictures, Dick! I also want to wish you and Pat and the furbabies a very Merry Christmas and may next year bring you lots of RV trips!
Hi, I'm new here, over from Jessica's.
Those are beautiful pictures. I know what you mean about it looking warmer than it is. We're in N. AZ and have had nearly 30" in the last 5 days with more in the forecast. I love it...until Christmas! Then I'm ready for spring.
Merry Christmas!
These pictures are wonderful - the lighting is magnificent.
We are coming over to Seattle in May-I am really excited about it. Our friends have just emigrated there.
I will visit your blog again-its great.
Beautiful captures Dick! I love the time of day when the sun is just setting or rising, and it does indeed make gorgeous photographs.

Merry Christmas to you and Pat!
That is gorgeous. She has a good eye and you got some great photos of something you don't see all the time. Merry Christmas to the two of you
Great Pictures, in fact I love all of your photos. I wish you were here in the mountains with us, you could really capture these beautiful scenes that I see all around me. Have a Merry Christmas
From kite flying to that kind of snow - in no time at all! Hope your Christmas was the merriest and that your New Year is just as grand!
I had the same experience! just before the sun went down and I was talking to CatmomaJ the alders in the back turned GOLD! I was trying to explain it to her.. Well now she can see! I was still sick in bed, but I could see out the bedroom window!
Those tree sun lights are great at the background. Very nice photo.
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