Friday, January 02, 2009


Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy 2009. 2008 wasn't too bad a year for us although our meager investments in the stock & bond market became more meager, but overall it was not a bad year. However I think this year is dawning with more promise and hope than I've seen in a long time and that seems to be from many different people.

We are still having winter weather but I guess that isn't too surprising considering that today is only January 2nd. We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow but it wasn't enough that it kept me from going on the three day a week mens walk from our park to the hospital, where a group of us meet for coffee. The sun did come out although I don't think the temp got much above freezing unless you were directly in that sunlight. Pat & I took advantage of no rain to take out outside holiday lights down and get them packaged away for another year. Maybe tomorrow we will tackle the Christmas tree. We use real trees and after a couple of weeks they become too dry to safely leave up. Otherwise I'd be tempted to leave it up all year as I do enjoy them.

Our bad weather for two and a half weeks has caused some problems with deliveries. It is kind of amazing but the US Post Office did manage to come around every day and deliver the mail, but UPS and FedEx were nowhere to be found for a couple of weeks. I had ordered an upgrade of Adobe Acrobat that was supposed to have been here Dec 19th, delivered by FedEx. It finally came on the 29th. I'm sure glad that I didn't pay any extra for expedited delivery service! I guess that shows who is more dedicated to doing their jobs.

Since last night, our normal Mexican Train game night, was a holiday the game was postponed to tonight. That happened last week too but then it was canceled due to the snow & ice. Won't be a problem tonight, so at 18:15 we'll go over and again try our luck. Mexican Train is played with dominoes for those who are not familiar with the game. In honor of Mexican Train, we are going out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. See how that works?

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We got all our UPS and Fed Ex packages. The UPS guy even WALKED down our snow-filled driveway to deliver something. If you could see our driveway, you'd realize how awesome that is.

I love how you use military time. It reminds me of my dad, except you are much younger than my dad. It just makes so much sense.
We had Mexican food for lunch. Wonder if it was ESP and I somehow knew you were going to have Mexican food in honor of your domino game?

I've never played Mexican Train but I've heard of it. We always played just regular dominoes by scoring by 5's, 10's, etc. I love to play but since my Mom died we haven't really had the heart for it. Mom loved to play dominoes and we always played together as partners.

It's been in the 60's here yesterday and Friday. We're supposed to have thunderstorms on Saturday and then on Monday a cold front will drop our temps to mid 30's for a high, with possible snow/sleet/freezing rain on Tuesday. I really don't like this weather roller coaster we're riding right now. Not that my opinion means nuts, lol! ;o)

Have a great weekend, Dick.

Love and hugs,

Mexican food sounds very good right now, but I'd never heard of that game. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!
Hope you had a very Happy New Year and that you and Pat and fur-kids are doing well!

Lots of love,
We haven't had as much snow as we often have by this time of year, but we've sure made up for that with lots of cold temps! I'm like you Dick, I could leave a Christmas tree up all year long, they are so pretty and I love 'em.

Happy 2009 to you both!
I made tamales!

Dominoes? I bought my kid 20 sets of them. A whole big box full. They were very much on sale from one of my creative supplies suppliers and he's thrilled. We are gonna make domino mazes all over and knock them down!
Happy New Year Dick.
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