Saturday, January 24, 2009


Installing Vista seems to have worked

The UPS delivery guy really surprised us by arriving at 18:45 hours last Wednesday night to deliver my package with Microsoft's Windows Vista Ultimate inside. It took two tries but I did get it installed on my desktop machine and it is working fine. Of course I have a lot to learn as it is different from XP. I have had Vista Home Premium on my laptop but haven't done very much with it in the past. This time I have had to get some new drivers (I never printed from the laptop so didn't need new printer drivers) and even the sound system driver that came on the CD supplied with my computer, that I just bought in mid-November, would not work. But the computer manufacturer did have what I needed online to download and it did the trick.

I have reinstalled quite a few of my programs and did have the data files backed up to both the internal D drive (two internal hard drives) and an external hard drive. About the only thing that is really going to take some time is getting Photoshop Elements Organizer up and running. I decided that there was a better way to organize my photo files on the hard drive so made those changes during this move. I didn't even try to reinstall one of the backups of my old albums as I'd have to go through all of the photos and reconnect them to the data files. I think it will be easier to just start over and re-enter all of them, then redo the tags and comments. But it will be quite a chore as I think there is something over 5000 photos and that is just in the album I made up since I've met Pat. The older one I may just reuse as I haven't changed many if any of those locations in the hierarchy of my hard disk.

We have been doing a few things in addition to working on resurrecting my computer. Yesterday we went to a before noon ($5 admission fee) showing of the movie, "Frost/Nixon." It is one that we've been waiting for and yesterday was it's first day in our town. It is good and that makes the second good movie we have seen recently in the theater, the other being Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino."

A couple of times a month some of the area musicians from the Washington Old Time Fiddler's Association meet at the Mount Vernon Senior Center, on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month, in the evening to jam. It is open to the public. This is something I've wanted to go see for quite awhile and we finally made it and will go back as these are fun.

Summer has not yet come to northwest Washington State. Not even Spring! Our forecast for tomorrow shows a high temp of only 32! I don't even want to think about the low, but it's in the lower 20s range. Then, if it is an accurate forecast, come Tuesday it will start warming up and probably get wet again, but we should be back to more normal temps. A week from tomorrow we are into February and then flowers should start blooming. It has to warm up for that to happen, doesn't it?

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Yes it does have to warm up, and I am so wishing it would...

Glad your computer is doing so well!

Have a good weekend
Love, jess
I'm testing Windows 7; it's a lot like Vista, so sooner or later we're all gonna have to learn it ;)
I knew Windows 7 had been released as a Beta download but I don't even want to think about having to switch OS's again anytime soon. My laptop that I got in October has already been giving me problems and it's running Vista Home Premium. I much prefer XP but it doesn't seem to matter to the Windows crew for some reason.

Glad you're making progress getting your desktop set up again. It sure is a pain in the posterior to have to reload everything and get it working properly again.

It's cold here too and they're predicting the dreaded freezing rain for next Monday/Tuesday. Ick.

Hope you and Pat have a great Sunday, Dick.

Love and hugs,

Glad to hear your computer issues are getting resolved Dick. And yes spring isn't too far away now, hang in there!
Hiya, computers can be such a challenge sometimes can't they. I just went through something similar so understand your frustrations. Like you I prefered to stick with XP having seen Vista on my wifes laptop, thankfully everything I use still works ok with XP. I'm sure Vista is fine and its just a matter of getting used to it over time. I will be looking forward to seeing how you get on with it. Bob.
Good luck with the computer woes! isnt it fun ,haha , always something new and exciting in the world of technology , Oh and confusing/frustrating have to add that in there,LOL
Hope you and Mrs Mocha are doing well and having fun ,and by the way , spring HUH, haha we are up to our neck with snow and it is that cold out your nose freezes together if you even open the door , sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!I live in a snowglobe LOL
Hope your thawing comes soon ,take care
I actually LIKE V ISTA! the only thing that is driving me nuts is the little ding ding dinf that goes off every 30 seconds or so. I have turned off everything I can think of and it still DINGS!
Hi Dick,

Some of the big cross country feeder lines are down and even some of the big metal towers, so it's gonna be a while before all power is restored.

After losing power on Tuesday evening, our power came back on just before midnight last night, and my internet just came back on at 8 am. It's really bad here and we're the exception in having power. Only like 5% have power and there are lots of people in shelters. We stuck it out here but we did have water. No heat, no refrigeration of course, no hot water, no lights, etc. but we bundled up and made it through. Everything I could save from my fridge and freezer is outside on my front sidewalk. It hasn't been above freezing here since Monday so most stuff is okay out there. I had to throw out some frozen veggies that got too mushy, etc. Hopefully I can get to town today to stock up on fresh food again.

It's going to be at least a month before all the downed trees and power lines, etc are cleaned up and repaired and I just heard that a second man I know was killed by a falling tree. We have snow flurries and freezing fog right now but it's supposed to warm up a little more today.

Thanks for your concern. I'm going to try to get a blog up later with pictures from around my apartment.


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