Tuesday, February 03, 2009


50 years ago today

50 years ago I was 15 years old and a fan of the new "Rock 'N Roll" music. One of my favorites was Buddy Holly, a guy only seven years older than me but already becoming famous in the music world, or at least in my music world. There isn't much about death that comes home to roost when you are 15, but that day one of those rare things happened. Very early that morning Buddy Holly, along with two other budding Rock 'N Rollers, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper, along with the 21 year old pilot of their chartered airplane, were killed when that plane crashed in an Iowa corn field just after takeoff. A few years later singer Don McLean released a song called, "American Pie," in which he came up with the phrase, "the day the music died." This was in reference to that plane crash and the deaths of these three early Rock 'N Rollers.

Much has been written over the years about these deaths and the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa where the last performance of these three occurred the evening of February 2nd. There was a large get together with some famous people last night to remember these three. I've done some looking online today and one of the nicest remembrances that I've found is in the Des Moines Register newspaper. It is a video that has been setup to play online and takes about 8 minutes and then there is a lot of other material there on their site to view, if interested. As long as you have a broad band connection, go check this video. It is great.

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Definitely a sad time for music. I didn't remember the date although I am only a year older than you-- i think. But I don't tend to remember such dates, not even when Elvis or Marilyn died. With her though I remember what I was doing when I heard.
That's an excellent video.
Have you seen the Buddy Holly movie with Nick Nolte? It's pretty good.
Hi Huggy, I always wondered what the American Pie was about, now I know - thanks. Bob.
Meno, do you mean the Gary Busey movie titles, "The Buddy Holly Story" and released in 1978? I have it on DVD and think that it was the only "biographical" movie made of his life that was done with the permission and support of his widow. It is very good.

Dreadnought Bob, yep that is what that song is about. Listen to it when you get the next chance, think of this plane crash and it will make a lot more sense to you. I think it was released about 1971.
Wow, takes you back in time, didn't it? Great video...thanks for posting, Dick! And thanks about the computer advice!
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