Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sam, the Koala

I have been exchanging email with Meow, a blogger friend from Melbourne, Australia, about the terrible fires they are having near there. This morning our local newspaper had a photo of a fire fighter there named David Tree who was sharing water from a bottle with a small Koala bear he found in some of the burned out areas. Meow sent me some other photos of other Koala's and a link to a U-Tube clip (5 min 42 sec) from a New Zealand TV station where they show a part of the clip of David and the Koala, who has been named Sam but then turned out to be female so I guess she is Samantha, and an interview the news anchor did with the firefighter. It is fascinating and well worth looking at. Here is a link to that clip on U-Tube.

Meow's blog is linked on my Blogroll, the one at the bottom, but she hasn't been keeping it up very faithfully, I guess she's been more active on Facebook than here.


Connie sent me the same emails and I was so touched by the poor koala and all the people and animals killed, injured and who lost their homes and habitat due to the fires. So sad, but it's good that some good has come out of all the tragedy.

Hugs to you, Dick.

Gday Dick.. The fires are very devasting I have a weep every time anews flash comes on and some of the stories here are very heart wrenching whole families have been wiped out.. the front page of our newspaper showed the youngest victim to date a darling 8month baby,,, so so sad..
then you get the happy stories of David Tree rescueing this Koalla now in a shelter getting cared for...I have actually met Meow she a lovely Lady...
I saw this picture elsewhere and it's so touching! All the poor people and animals who have perished because of these fires is devastating and breaks my heart.
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