Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Will Blogrolling come back?

I guess I have been tardy at updating things on my blog. Today I decided it was time to update some addresses that I have in my Blogroll, so tried to log onto their site. It seems they have taken it offline to change to a newer version and it sounds like it has been that way for a couple of months or longer. I don't know when or if it will come back, nor if it will be as a free service as in the past. Perhaps it is time for me to move to something different.

So, I am asking other Bloggers what are you using to list your contacts on your blog, in a form that allows those reading your blog to click on the listings and be taken there? I use Blogger so it does need to work there as I really don't want to try to change to another system at this point. Any suggestions?

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Since I follow 99% of my blogs through Google Reader, I use the gadget that creates a blog roll from that. I can select how many to show (I chose 10), and it changes the display automatically. I love it!
I use My Blog List which Blogger offers and so far so good. It was a lot of work for me to update my list to it as I had to add each one but it not only tells the last time it was updated, but gives the option of adding the title and an illustration if there was one. I had seen it on other blogs and liked it but found no easy way to switch the list; so I just did it. I got the option by going in Layout to New Template (even though I kept my old one) saved it and then the options appeared.
Hi Huggy, I use the gadget provided by blogger. If you go to DASHBOARD then to LAYOUT and on the left you will see ADD A GADGET click that and scroll down to LINK LIST and I think that is what you're looking for. Bob
What Bob said.

For my reading i use Google reader though.
I also use Blogrolling so I'm in the same boat you are right now. If Blogrolling doesn't recover I'll be going the gadget route that Dreadnought and Rain mentioned, but I hate to do that.

You have to add each url and link one at a time. Not so bad if you only have a few links, but tedious and time consuming if you have a lot like I do.


I use blogroll like you Dick, and I'm in the same boat. Looks like I might go with everyone's suggestions here though!
Facebook, Dad! Facebook! =)
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