Friday, March 20, 2009


Blogrolling (again)

Well, I finally got onto Blogrolling a couple of weeks ago after they reworked their system, and I thought I'd fixed my links display. It worked fine for awhile but now for the last week or so it has only been showing ten links. I just looked at the Blogrolling site and there are 18 of them listed there in my Blogroll. I tried to contact Blogrolling but they are requiring an "enter the letters you see" thing in order to send a contact note and none of them worked for me, so I was unable to get the question sent. I haven't gotten the paid version, just the free one and maybe that is best as I guess I'll have to drop them and use something else.

My blog is on Blogger and I understand Blogger now does have their own system to make this kind of a link list on a blog. Are there fairly clear directions on how to do this located on the Blogger site? Do they allow listing of regular web sites and blogs that are not with Blogger, like those on WordPress? It would appear that it is now time for me to change, after being happy with Blogrolling since Feb, 2006.

By the way, has anyone noticed how similar in appearance my new Smart Car is to the Wheego Whip electric car? The two posts are one after the other with photos of both cars. The Wheego Whip is built on a Chinese copy of the Smart Car. So it is no wonder that they look a lot alike.

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I don't even know what blogrolling is which shows you how far behind I am with this stuff.
I finally got my Blogrolling account to open last night and updated it. I did have a lot of problems getting it to actually save the changes. Mine did the same thing as far as limiting the number on my list, but after I checked the settings and saw that it had somehow changed the number of links displayed to only 10, I changed the number to 999 and it's fine now.

My blogroll is supposed to have a notifier that lets me know when a blog updates, but it's not working for me. I even generated a new code and installed it but it's not updating.

As far as Blogger, go into the Customize page and select Add and Arrange Page Elements. From there, click on Add a Gadget, then on Blog List or Link List. You can add links to any website or blog. It isn't limited to Blogger blogs; you can add Typepad, Wordpress or any other blog platform link.

Hope that helps. If I can do anything else to help, feel free to email me or leave a comment on my blog. All my comments are automatically emailed to me.

Happy weekend! :o)

Love and hugs,

I checked what Diane suggested and it was right. The program isn't clear on how to "clear" the number in that spot. When I just delete it, the program changes it to "0" and then it doesn't show any! So, I set it to 100 and it now seems to be working fine. I'll see if it still does tomorrow.
Hey Dick. i just found your blog. My husband and I use to live in Burlington WA 2 years ago. Now we are Winter texans in the Rio Grande Valley. Live full time in a fifth wheel!
I wasn't getting blogrolling to work for me like I wanted it to, and when I used it before it didn't show me post updates consistantly anyway, so I've opted to get rid of it. Right now I've just added all my blog links to my template with html coding, but I'm going to look into Diane's instructions for blogger. Thanks Diane! :-)
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