Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Defending The Caveman (sort of)

Last Friday night we went to McIntyre Hall at our local college to see the stage production of "Defending The Caveman." Pat won the tickets to this on our local radio show which was good as ticket prices started at $30 each. We had great seats, in the balcony but right in the front row. I of course took my camera and took a couple of photos of the stage to get a feel for the view I had, which focal lengths I would want to use and to set the exposure.

Caveman show 1
This is looking down on the stage from our balcony seats. This is a beautiful almost new theater and is very nice. I've been to other shows here and always enjoyed them.

Caveman show 2
This is a closer view of the stage. The play is a one-man production, with a guy on the stage talking to the audience, explaining the differences between men & women and how things really haven't changed since back in the caveman days.

It is a good thing that I took these two photos as this is all I have of the "production." An usher came to me and said I was not allowed to take photos here. I can not understand why there is any problem with still photos taken without flash, in fact it seems to me that they might help with promotion of these events. I can see why they would not want video with sound as that would give the whole performance in a way that could be shown to others and produce no revenue for the production crew. I can also see why they would not want flash photos taken as flash can be distracting.

People can order a glass of wine, a mocha, or even just a bottle of water ahead of the show and then go get it during intermission. You have to drink it in the lobby as you are not permitted to take food or drink into the theater itself. We were up in the balcony so went walking at that level to stretch our legs and I took the following photo looking down into the lobby.
Caveman show 3
This will give a bit more of an idea what this place looks like. It really is nice.

But we decided that since I couldn't take photos and we didn't find the play all that entertaining, we'd just go home and watch the rest of the Mariner's baseball game on TV. So we did. I don't know if I'll ever go back to McIntyre Hall as I sure don't like their photography policies and the prices tend to be pretty high, too. As I said, it doesn't make much sense to me but I think they've driven me away. Too bad as I really do like the facility and it, being on our local college campus, is a public facility. But there are a lot of other options in our area.

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I agree: I don't really understand the reasoning behind their policy on photography either. :-/

Hope you and Pat have a great Friday and weekend, Dick.

Love and hugs,

That seems shortsighted of them to me also. They lose publicity, offend people who aren't trying to sell anything, and what do they gain?
Too bad for them because they lost business!

Hope all is well

Love, jess
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