Saturday, May 16, 2009


Finally, an RV trip!

We like to go to Eastern Washington State in the spring or fall as it is a bit hotter than we like in the summer. By May the weather there is good and we from the wet side of the mountains are more than ready for some dry, warm weather. This is our second year in a row making the trip around the North Cascades Loop drive but it was our first one taking the VW Bug as a tow vehicle on our new tow dolly. It has been an interesting experience.

I had never secured a car onto one of these so we asked Pat's son-in-law to help. It was done and we got away from Mt. Vernon about 10:30 Wednesday morning. We made it about ten miles when we discovered one of the straps securing the driver's side front wheel of the Bug to the dolly had come off, been drug for unknown miles along the freeway and pretty well torn up. Back to Mt. Vernon. Pat's SIL found another strap, it was installed a little differently and we were again underway, but this time we made many stops, the first after only about 2 miles, to check on those straps. They were fine.

We arrived in the Icicle River RV Park about 16:00, took the car off the dolly and parked the RV in our assigned space #100. Here is the dolly parked beside the RV:
May RV trip 01

Pat commented that the trailer light on the right side of the dolly didn't look right. Here is the one on the left side:
May RV trip 02

The right side light looked the same except it was turned 180 degrees to fit that side of the dolly. Here is a photo of that part of it now:
May RV trip 03
As you can see, she was right in that it didn't look right. In fact, it was gone. We have no idea where nor when it came off but it is totally gone. Now we will have to get another one when we get back home. But it has been working okay for us since then.

We spent two nights in Leavenworth, then yesterday drove to Manson, WA along Lake Chelan to visit our friends, R & D. Last year we stayed in a RV park in Chelan but this time are dry camping in their driveway. The house is out in the country on a former apple orchard. R likes to fish and Roses Lake is just below the house. The former apple orchard is now a grape vineyard and the winery is just beyond the vineyard. One of our favorite activities in this part of the state is to visit the various wineries and their tasting rooms. The nearest winery is that one just beyond the vineyard, a distance of about 500 feet from their house.

May RV trip 04
Here is a view from their deck looking across the vineyard to the winery with a part of Roses Lake beyond. This is a beautiful are.

Now I must stop as we are about to head off for a couple of more wine tasting rooms. More later.

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Sounds like you have had a lot to deal with!

Hope you have a great time

Love, Jess
Gday Dick,Gees you didnt have a good start to the trip with the strap then the tail light,, well things can only get better with all that wine tasting happening..
my next post will be on our wine tasting while on holiday in S.A.
continue to have a great holiday..
Oh the joy of towing. :(

I don't miss it.

Enjoy the wine!
THis photo of the vinyards could have been taken in the Okanagan, north of the boarder. Lake Chelan is south of thast area, so not to surprizing that it is so similar. Is Huggy along for the ride?
the trailer for the car looks hefty. nice pictures as usual..
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