Saturday, May 30, 2009


Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Each year in the month of April the Skagit Valley in Washington State celebrates a month long festival called the Tulip Festival. I believe I've read that there are more tulip bulbs supplied to the world's gardeners from here than from any other place except Holland. Sometimes, like this year, Mother Nature didn't see the schedule and the tulips arrive late, but the festival still goes on. Those of us who live in the area tend to try to avoid the tulip fields during the festival as the traffic can be a nightmare to get through. But the tourists love it and keep coming back and the area is beautiful, especially if the weather cooperates.

Last year in January, Pat's daughter, P, and I took a class on digital photography that is put on by the Digital Photo Academy, a group sponsored by Panasonic that offers classes in twenty-some cities around the country monthly. You do not have to have a camera made by Panasonic to take these classes. Check the link for where they are, what they offer and what they cost. P and I still get emailings from them and we probably will take some other classes in the future. You may enjoy taking one of them yourself.

This spring they offered one that was in our backyard, a photography trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Unfortunately neither P nor I were able to attend this one but I did find this, a short 3 minute video on that class. This shows some of our beautiful area, tulip and daffodil fields in bloom and some of those who were able to attend. Enjoy.

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We were in Skagit Valley for 4 years. I really miss going to the Tulip Festival:(
I'm not very skillful at it, but I love photography. I hope to some day acquire a better camera and perhaps take some classes to improve my skills.

I remember the photos you've shared in the past of the tulips. They're gorgeous!

Hope you and Pat have a great Sunday, and enjoy your lunch, where ever you decide to eat. :o)

Love and hugs,

Gday Dick.. WOWWWW just love the fields of Tulips and daffodils in your part of the world,Skagit Valley .
I love my small cannon a700, just to take photo's for a fun and a memento of were ive been.

Hope all is well and have a great weeks end

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