Sunday, June 21, 2009


Bob is home!

My son who has been in Afghanistan assigned to a joint Army/Navy thing there arrived back home in Washington State yesterday! How is that for a neat Father's Day gift? Now he can go back to being a Navy guy on shore duty for the rest of his assignment here before going to sea again. That should be for the next year and a half or so that he'll be home every night and on weekends.


Oh hooray! Happy Father's Day.
That is great news. I hope these wars are over soon and all our people can come home
That IS a great Father's Day gift! Hope you've had a good one, Dick.

Love and hugs,

Welcome home Bob!
I'm so happy for you! You are right,,, what a wonderful Father's Day gift!

Ohhh Dick, what a wonderful fathers day gift having your son back home. I hope its all over before his time is up to return to the war zone. and all families are safely home with their families.
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