Monday, June 08, 2009


My Son has left Afghanistan!

My son left Afghanistan Sunday and is on his way home! He will probably arrive in the states sometime tomorrow and spend 14 days or so in out processing before finally returning to his home here in the northwest. I am so thankful that he is finished there and has left in good condition. Now wouldn't it be great if we could somehow get the rest of our armed forces home with no need for them to stay there?


Praise the Lord! But I know you won't really relax until you see him safely at home.


Great news Dick!
That is great news, Dick and be sure and thank him for his service from the rest of us. We have to be so grateful for those who have tried to bring peace to that region. Soldiers like him and families like yours have given much more than the rest of us.
Great news, you must be so relieved.
What a blessing, Dick!
Yes, yes it would be great.

I am glad your son is returning. Safe travels to him.
That's great news! It's always nice to hear when one of "our boys" comes home safely. I, too, look forward to a time when they are all home.
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