Thursday, July 30, 2009



We in the Pacific Northwest are used to cool temperatures. Our "hot" weather in the summer might get up to 80F or maybe occasionally 84F. It is rare to ever see 90F. I think another record has been set today, after one from yesterday. Only once since they started recording daily high temps in Seattle has it ever reached 100F. That was in 1994. Yesterday 103F was recorded and that was the 5th consecutive day of 90 or above which tied that record. Until today. It isn't likely going to beat the 103 but it is certainly over 90, for the 6th day in a row, another record.

These are records that I don't like to see beaten. I'm ready to get back to normal, maybe even for a little rain. You know, Seattle is well known for its rain and when it is here the weather is from the southwest off of the Pacific Ocean and it wouldn't be anywhere near that hot. I think most of my readers here know that we built a sunroom onto our house last year. We and the cats have enjoyed that room most of the time since then. But, yesterday it was a bit warm out there. This photo was taken about 17:37 looking out through the window in the door from our bedroom into that sunroom. No way was I going to open the door. And this was with the sliding glass door from the sunroom outside open and a large box fan pulling in the outside 100 degree air.

Hot sunroom
Enough said.

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I was so relieved today to get down to around 84. Amazing that that would be good news.
you got our Texas temperature.
It seems we've swapped Summers. We're getting your rain and cooler temps while you're getting our 100+ temps and typical Summer drought.

I know we're more used to the heat though and you're not. Hope it cools off for you soon, but I have to admit I'm enjoying the cooler, wetter July we've had.
Hi Huggy, I have some spare rain for you if you want to come and fetch it. I record a few basic weather details, I havven't added up the totals yet but we had just 8 dry days last month, if I remember right the longest period without rain was 3 days - and guess what, its still raining in August. Anyway not to worry, I hope things cool down for you a bit soon. Bob.
Physcially I can't take the hotter temps and we've had our share of it this summer too! It's cooled a bit here now and I hope it does for you too Dick.
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