Sunday, August 16, 2009


Is summer over?

All the Back To School sales that are going on and articles in the local newspaper would have me thinking that summer is about over. School seems to start earlier and earlier as time goes on. In our area we usually don't have very reliable summer like weather until after about the 10th of July but this year has been different. We had rain the day after we got back from our North Cascades Loop trip in mid-May and almost none since then. The temperatures have been pretty consistently in the 80s with a few days actually into the 90s. Until about a week and a half ago. Since then we have had some rain and cooler temps. But, now the thermometer is heading back up with talk of maybe into the 90s by mid-week.

Often I prefer to take trips after school has started in the fall as our September weather is usually beautiful, but that is also when I hope to go to the Spokane area for a week or so. Eastern Washington is cooler and more comfortable then than it is in the summer and we coastal residents are not used to hot temps. Maybe we will go there and down to the ocean for a few days. But we do need to rebuild the tow dolly in order to safely take the Beetle along and you got to have a tow car.

We did go to the local Skagit County Fair this past week and Pat was a lot braver than me and had a caricature drawing done of her by a artist who was there. I'll post it here and see what you all think of it.
Caricature of Pat
I guess it is okay but I think I like some of my photos of her a lot better. But these things are not done to try to make them an actual portrait. And this was done just two days before she spent the morning at her hair dresser. Oh well.

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Well, it's different the picture, that's for sure :)
Caricatures are never attractive. She's much prettier than it but it looks like a fun one and maybe captures her fun side? She was brave to do it.

And yes, I am wondering if summer is over also but they say it'll be in the 90s down here which might reassure me that it's not. My fingers are cold this morning typing though. Our mornings have been in the 40s again.
From what i know of how Pat looks, it's captures her funniness, but not her attractiveness.

Looks like the warmer weather is back, at least for a few days.
hi there! man you guys have had quite a summer up that way from what I've heard.

hope your trips bring you some rest and relief.

Meno said it perfectly about the caricature. Anyways, they are always fun to see how an 'artist' sees you.
As far as caricatures go, Pat's is actually a nice one! I thought maybe summer was over here (at least the higher temps) but in a couple of days our temps are supposed to climb again. I can't wait for autumn!
Richard . . Was led to your blog by Rain whom I admire and read often. You were and are fortunate with women. Pat looks and sounds like fun. Question: My wife and I have been happily married 49 years. We both are reasonably healthy and active. I was raised on a farm, she in the big city. We've lived and worked in an urban mess of too much traffic and too many people. I'd like to buy a small RV or Trailer and go from park to park up and down the west coast. She, unfortunately, is not especially venturesome. She has concerns about the kind of parks we might find as well as the kind of people that do travel this way. She's afraid of mice, spiders and bandits and would go RVing reluctantly. For some reason she equates the RV lifestyle with carrying your own dirty laundry around with you. She would definitely perfer the Holiday Inn or similar. Question: How did you talk Pat into it? How does she like it? Have you been satisfied with the parks where you have stopped for a while? What do you like best about your RVing pastime?


I think it is cute...WHere is yours? I did not have a chance to make it the fairs this year. I have been ZOMBIFIED!!! seriously spending 10-12 hours a day at the theater getting the show ready to open Sept 11. Still No pianist, so we are going to use the CD. Not optimum, but FUNNY! Especially when they get ahead of the music! It is a hoot.
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