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Our summer continues although the temperatures have definitely dropped from the record setting levels of last week. They are even talking about possibly some rain by next Monday. We are kind of enjoying the cooler temps, especially since we've been involved in activities that have had us spending a lot of time in our computer room which can really heat up. The reasons for this are twofold. Last Saturday we changed our Internet provider from Verizon DSL to Comcast cable which meant we had a lot of people to notify about our new email addresses. I hadn't realized how many places I had that needed to be changed! Anyway, the new system is up and running with download speeds about four times what we had with our 3mbs DSL system. The other reason is that Pat is the editor of the newsletter in our community for our Homeowners Association. They hold their monthly board meeting on the first Tuesday of the month and the newsletter goes out the day after- today. Here is a photo of the clubhouse in our park:

Aerial view of clubhouse
This was taken 12 Aug 2008 by a radio controlled model airplane owned by a friend of one of our neighbors. I have posted a couple of photos from that set but I don't think I included this one. The gazebo where Pat & I were married is at the left side. You can just see part of the roof of the first house south of the clubhouse at the lower left side and our house is the one beyond the one you can see. The large part of the building nearest the camera, with all the windows, is the swimming pool room where the largest privately owned indoor swimming pool in Skagit County is located and it is used regularly. The clubhouse also has a large library, a comfortable reading area with a large TV, a kitchen, billiards room with a poker table and what we call the mirror room. I think at one time it was a dance studio where one wall is done in mirrors and there is a waist high handrail that runs along the wall over the mirrors. This room is used for meetings, parties, potlucks, etc.

LME airiel photo 1
Here is another from that airplane. This shows the north side of the parking lot for the clubhouse at the far left side and some of the homes from the community. There are 120 manufactured homes in the park. They are all pit mounted so are not up in the air like you find in most parks. The requirements for landscaping are pretty strict so all the yards look nice. The common area on this side of the clubhouse has a shuffleboard court and a putting green as well as a large, open grass area. Our annual park picnic comes up later this month and this area will be well used for games such as Botche Ball. Pat & I have used it to fly kites.

I guess that is enough for now. I've got to go and watch some TV.

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never thought i'd appreciate a cool cloudy day SO much.
Your HOA looks like it has adequate parking!
Wow, you have a lot of neighbors! Have you met all of them?
No, I've not met them all but many of them. We are a retirement community and often people have to move out due to needing a place where there is more help available. Here we do everything ourselves although many do hire out their yard work.
nice model airplane shot.. I was thinking do this one of these days.
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