Friday, November 13, 2009


Skagit Valley Gardens Christmas Open House #2

I'll go ahead and add the second seven photos from a week ago at the Christmas Open House at Skagit Valley Gardens (see the link in the last post.)

Skagit Gardens Christmas 07
This photo shows Pat signing up for a drawing for something but it also has one of the largest toads I've ever seen in the foreground. Pat is a collector of toads and things toady but I'd not be sure where we could find enough space for this one.

Skagit Gardens Christmas 08
These two were working the Cashier counter at the time we were by. I took two photos because we knew one had blinked in this first one but I really like the expressions and feeling of this one better, even with the blink. They look like they were having fun and I think they were.

Skagit Gardens Christmas 09
In addition to the dinner that was available through the Garden Cafe, Skagit Gardens also provided a table with cookies and coffee (I think it was coffee- as it was just after dinner for us I didn't have any.) I was good and only had one cookie and I called that my desert with dinner.

Skagit Gardens Christmas 10
This little still life photo has had the light color corrected. Yellowish angel hair just didn't look right, nor did the yellow casts on the crystal figures. This was on a small shelf and I just liked it. It is simple with only three components but to me it is beautiful.

Skagit Gardens Christmas 11
This scene has been setup for quite awhile and it is one of the most interesting. The bear on the left, hiding behind a fir tree, has a fishing pole and has snagged himself a very large fish which is on the top of the tree to the right. I doubt a person would ever have enough space in a home to setup something like this but it is cute and works well here. Maybe outside in one's yard?

Skagit Gardens Christmas 12
Pat is checking out an interesting Christmas tree with Santa behind her. This photo was hand held as I had put the tripod away after the photo of the bear so it isn't quite as sharp as it ideally should be but I like it because of the subject.

Skagit Gardens Christmas 13
I guess you almost have to include Barbie in Christmas. This is one of the largest Barbie dolls I've ever seen but it does make a very nice display. My younger granddaughter may still be young enough to like these but her favorites are something called Webkinz where she logs onto a web site to register her menagerie of them. It is more involved than just registering them but I don't try to follow it.

This annual event is fun every year and this place sure goes all out to decorate for the Christmas season. The place looks good all of the time and they do a good job with whatever season it might be. Last spring we were there with hundreds of others for an Easter egg hunt all over the 20 or so acre place. Everyone was a winner of something and it was far enough into the spring planting season that there were a lot of plants to choose from. If you live near enough to Mount Vernon, stop in and see this place. It is right alongside the I-5 freeway just a couple of miles south of town. It is fun. And don't forget to eat at the Garden Cafe.

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Like it or not, the Christmas season is nearly upon us. I love Christmas myself but I wish the retail community would let Thanksgiving get behind us before they start pushing Christmas.

The photos are great and the subjects as well. I also like the still life. :o)

Hope you and Pat have a great weekend, Dick.

Love and hugs,

I really like the glass angels with the blue Christmas balls Dick, nice shot. I love still life photography.
Love it , always a treat to sit and have a Mocha with you and your Blog ;-)
The pic on top made me LOL , it looks like the frog wants to eat the unsuspecting Ms. Mocha LOL,pricelss .
always nice , thanks for sharing , take care and safe driving Mr Mocha ;-)

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