Thursday, December 17, 2009


My Christmas shopping is finished!

I think that I am finished with my Christmas shopping. I'm not going to talk here about what I bought as I know some of those I buy for do at least occasionally read my blog, but I think it was a fairly easy year for me. Annie used to do most of the picking out of gifts for the grand kids especially and I'll be the first to admit that I have little idea what a 9 year old (or those a bit older) want for gifts. There are some safe things, like video games or Webkinz that sound good but which ones to buy? What do they already have? I am not a fan of buying the kids gift certificates but I almost think they make more sense than striking out blind trying to find things they will like but don't already have. I didn't have to resort to this. More on this later (after Christmas.)

We have already had our Christmas party here in the park where we live. It was last Tuesday night and it was good. The ladies who put it together outdid themselves. Here is a photo showing how the Mirror Room was arraigned:
LME Christmas party 01
There were eight tables of eight, with a host or hostess for each table. Pat was the hostess for Table 6 which is the one in the foreground of the photo. The host/hostess did their own table settings and table decorating. Everyone paid $4 each and the park owners contributed $50 toward food, so ham and scalloped potatoes were provided, along with sparkling cider, coffee, etc. Everyone also brought a side dish so there was plenty of food for all. Like most parties in our senior park, it wrapped up fairly early but was fun for all who attended.

Speaking of our park and Christmas, this year many here seem to be really going out to decorate and light their houses. I plan to take some night photos of the area and will try to post some here later. I think the new LED lights have helped a lot- they are inexpensive to buy and operate and are long lasting. We don't have the snow that we had last year but as far as I'm concerned, snow isn't necessary to enjoy the holiday displays. We like to use real Christmas trees and they can't be up inside for too long so ours won't go up until Saturday. I love the smell of those real trees.

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I got my lights put up yesterday and the tree is on the porch waiting for help to get it upright in the stand. Then on to baking and fudge making.
I remember how real trees made the house smell so nice, growing up we had them. I'm really looking forward to seeing pics of your neighbourhood Christmas lights Dick.

Have a fabulous weekend!
Howdy Dick! I'm sitting here nursing the biggest head cold or bronchitis or pneumonia or something but up for a minute to do a little catch up. I so miss the smell of a live tree. Keep warm!
Hope you (TWO)have the merriest of Christmases ever and good Health happiness and harmony find you now and in the NEW year !
Drive on Dick !LOL happy Holidays Mr Mocha , from our little Rock in the Atlantic ;-),xoxoxox

Hope you had happy holidays.

lots of love
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