Saturday, December 05, 2009


Thanksgiving, Black Friday and all

Wow, we are already a week into the month of December! That doesn't seem possible. Although since I am not fond of winter I'll be glad when the weather improves and we start getting more daylight hours. But right now, we are in for some cold times. Tonight in Mt. Vernon it is predicted to get down to 27 degrees and tomorrow's high only 30. Those brutal temperatures are things that we are not used to.

Thanksgiving this year was good for us. We enjoyed two separate dinners, one on the Monday before and the other actually on Thanksgiving Day. The first was at the home of my youngest son and held that day due to the fact that he had to work on the actual holiday. The other was at Pat's youngest daughter's home. Both were good.

The day after Thanksgiving Day has been known for some years now as "Black Friday" because it is supposedly the day in the year when retail business' turn a good profit (a day definitely with the books "in the black") and start the run to Christmas which for some is the busiest season of the year. A couple of times in the past I participated in those early morning (middle of the night?) sale starts but this year I slept in. I drug myself out of bed about the usual time and arrived at Best Buy at the crack of 08:15. Pat did even better, arriving at Fred Meyer about 10:30. But, we both got what we were after at those special prices for the day.

Since then I have bought some more gift things online but didn't participate in the so called Cyber-Monday sales as I didn't see anything that really struck me as needing enough to turn loose my credit card number. I have been able to buy things far enough ahead of Christmas to take advantage of free shipping on most items. That is the big bugaboo for me with online buying. I hate to pay shipping charges and on small things the shipping can be as much or more than the cost of the item you have bought. That is especially a problem with eBay purchases.

I have been kind of holding back on purchases for myself. I keep hearing from She Who Should Be Obeyed that I do that too often, thus making it hard for others to buy gifts for me. So, I am still holding out in my torn, holey gloves, even in these brutally cold temperatures, as some of us walk for exercise three times a week to the hospital for coffee in the cafeteria, then back home. Now only three weeks to go.

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It was 20F this morning here but our high managed to reach 37F. Sunday morning's low is to be 24F and high of 40F. A little early for us to this cold but not terribly so. We may even see a little snow Sunday night into Monday morning but it's not supposed to amount to much. We'll see.

I'm officially done with my Christmas shopping. I managed to get it all done on Thursday and Saturday morning, although I'm still working on a few handmade items. I'm glad I'm done! Still have to wrap a few things though.

You and Pat stay warm and enjoy the Christmas season, Dick. :o)

Love and hugs,

It's warm here in Tucson but likely to turn cold soon and maybe some rain which the desert always needs. I have a lot of shopping left to do but trying to at least decide what to buy.
This is the first year I've heard of "cyber-Monday."
Oh man! Is it ever cold around here.

I have an impossible time buying things for the men in my life, because they do just what you do and go and but anything and everything they want.
It was nice and warm here until yesterday, and now all the sudden we are in a deep freeze!
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