Sunday, January 17, 2010


Okay, I give up!

The spammers really seem to be out in force, so I've implemented comment approval on all comments left on my blog posts. You will be able to post a comment but it will not show up until I've approved and allowed it. I also do get an email with the post included in the email and that comes out right away after the comment has been left, so I will know right away when there is something to look at. That makes it a bit harder for me but still easy for those who legitimately comment while letting me keep those foreign language things, etc. off the blog. I'll try that in the hope that it will still work without driving people away and be easier for you than having to enter those graphic letters before it will let you comment.

I'll see how this works for awhile.


One thing I noticed after I did this awhile back is eventually you can try it again without moderation. They seem to give up after a couple of months and it takes them awhile to find you again.
LOL, I don't blame you, Dick. It drives you everloving mad! BTW, how's Huggy?
Darn spammers!
I hate spammers! I had a couple on one of my blog posts the other day. :( I am heading out to your neck of the woods the first weekend in April. I will be visiting Seattle for a couple of days. I'm excited about seeing the city.

Hope all is well :)
Gah. I'm fighting the same fight! Solidarity!
They found me too! ARRRRGH!! so I will be doing the same thing.

I stopped in to tell you we got the rights to CHICAGO! for our September show!
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