Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Problems with bad comments

Is anyone else but me having problems with junk type comments being posted on your blogs? I have the system set to require my approval on comments put onto posts that are older than what I have it set for and that is working pretty well but still more active than I think it used to be. Today I told it "No" on a couple of comments on an old post that were all in an Asian language and there was a fairly innocent looking one from Anonymous left on my current one that I really didn't think was from a real reader so I deleted it. I'd rather not have to turn on the thingy where those leaving comments have to type the graphic letters in order to leave a comment as I really think it makes it harder to comment, thus cutting down on the number of them that do get left, but I sure can see why people get pushed into doing that!

I have changed both Pat and my desktop computers to run on Windows 7 and I'll say that I really like the new operating system. It seems to be faster and easier to use than any of the previous editions. On both of our conversions I had to do a complete install of 7 rather than just an upgrade so it was a bit more complicated than an upgrade but like a friend said, it gives the computer a good cleaning out of some of that old stuff that is rarely or never used. Now I have to get our laptops done. So far it looks like most of the programs we use regularly will run under 7 although one of Pat's may not. It is a card making program that dates back to 2002 so being that it is as old as dinosaurs it is probably due to upgrade it, too.

My new bike is due to arrive at REI in Bellingham by tomorrow. Maybe I'll be riding it by this weekend. See how much of an optimist I am?

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Yes, i get them too and it is annoying. Most of mine come through the older posts but now and then I have to delete one from current.

My husband had a problem with installing his Windows 7 Upgrade as it keeps saying his virus checker won't let it come through. Someone else he knew had a lot of problems with the new version; so he's had mixed feelings. I am glad to read your experience was positive.
Yep, I've gotten a lot of spam comments lately on older posts and current ones alike, so I enabled word verification, much as I dislike it. I have my blog set to moderate comments on posts over 2 weeks old and I've had to reject several because they were spam.

It's frigidly cold here and we're supposed to get snow on Wed. and Thurs. I hope so because I want snow cream!

You probably wouldn't want to ride your new bike around here right now. The high on Thurs. is only supposed to reach 14F and the low is supposed to be -2F. Brrrr!!

Hope you enjoy your new bike.

Love and hugs,

I've been getting those too. Although I hadn't realized they were showing up on old old posts. Great, how am I going to find those? Bah.
Maggie, when you get the notification for them you can click on it and it takes you right to where they are.

Yes I'm getting them too Dick. I HATE blogger comments and wish we weren't losing Haloscan as it was the best. I just had to enable the word verification on mine too, and I also worry there will be even fewer comments.
Haloscan is leaving? Bummer! I liked it. I unfortunately upgraded my template in blogger which threw out my haloscan and installed the blogger comments. I too am getting spammed, but I just delete them! I dont have a cryptic code either!
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