Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"Eat Here & Get Gas"

Today we went to lunch with some neighbors at Big Rock Cafe & Grocery, just outside of Mount Vernon. The title of today's post is their slogan, which is posted on signs outside and also prints on their cash register receipt. Of course they sell gasoline through the store. The food is good and at reasonable prices. We will go back.

We have been following the weather problems that seem to be occurring all over the world and most of them make our weather problems actually seem pretty minor. BUT, today our high temp is going to be about 70 and after nearly a week of high 80s to mid-90s, that sure sounds good.

I've decided to try to sell my Honda moped. It has been listed for sale on Craig's List for a few weeks and while I've had some inquiries, no one so far has bought it. Most inquiries have been from the Seattle area or farther south so a buyer would have to come 60 miles or more to see it & then have a pickup to take it home in. It has very low miles and has been stored inside a garage all it's life so is in real good condition and I don't want to just give it away, but maybe I'll try re-listing it at a lower amount and see what happens. Or maybe I should just take it to Chris' car lot and pay him a commission to sell it. That would be the easiest thing for me to do. I have the electric assist bicycle and have been storing it in the sunroom. Pat would rather I keep it in the garage but I need to sell the moped to get the space. I don't use it very much- have owned it a little over five years now and it has less than 800 miles on the odometer.

More later.

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I too am very happy about the lower temperatures.

I've sold a few things on Craig's List, including a car, but because of the weird phone calls i got, i'm reluctant to do it again.
We have tried Craig's List for selling lamb and beef but haven't actually had much success. We do check it when we are looking to buy something big enough.
I hope you sell it at a good price Dick.

I love the name of that restaurant, too funny!
If we didn't just drop several thousand dollars on a heating system I'd buy your moped. At 30mph it takes five minutes to get across my town. That's moped speed!
Hi, Dick!

I just wanted to stop by to say hello. I see you are still enjoying life; traveling and taking beautiful pictures. :) It's good to know you are doing well.

I hope to be able to stop by here more frequently (again). I ALWAYS enjoy your adventures.
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