Saturday, February 26, 2011


Bad weather - not Spring yet

I guess we here in the northwest really have little to complain about regarding our winter weather this year when compared to much of the country, but I am going to do a little complaining anyway. Here I had been thinking that our winter was about over and it was time for SPRING to arrive, but this week we got a rude reminder that it isn't over yet. Tuesday evening while we were celebrating Pat's birthday eating dinner at the local Johnny Cerino's, the outdoor temperature dropped and soon after it actually started snowing! This was on February 22nd! By the time we got up the next morning we had about six inches of snow! I got that shoveled from the driveway and sidewalk and our community had our roads plowed and by the afternoon things were looking better. Then that night it again cooled off and the snow started falling, this time dropping twelve inches of the stuff in just two hours. It continued to snow overnight although not quite as hard as when it started, but we ended up with about 16 inches of the stuff Thursday morning! That is more snow overnight than we usually have in two or three years worth of winter, and it was followed with two nights of low to mid teen temperatures and not even above freezing in the daytime, although it was sunny, so not much of it has gone away yet.

Now, 13:00 hours on Saturday, it is again overcast with a snow looking cloud cover. The forecast calls for it to warm up this afternoon and over night as a warmer but wetter front collides with the cold front we have had for a few days. That may bring another three inches of snow according to the forecasters before it warms up to just rain by tomorrow morning which should eventually get rid of this stuff. I have the biggest pile of snow in my yard that I have ever had. My neighbor and I were each shoveling our driveways Thursday morning when I suggested that we build two snow forts and have a snowball fight. Fifty years ago that would have been fun.

Come on Spring, I am more than ready for you to arrive!!!!!

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I'm hearing you Dick, we're getting even more here now too. It's too much, I think people all over are longing for spring more than usual this year!
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